Hajj 1998: Dead Hajis Ridiculed on NBC

This is an Email I received just after Hajj 1998:


This Saturday on Saturday Night Live on NBC, the 150 dead
hajis were disgraced and made fun off. I usually don't watch SNL but as I
was flipping through the channels I saw the picture of Khana Kabba, I thought
that NBC was probably showing something on Hajj, but to my disgrace it was
actually the "Funny News Section of SNL"

I don't remember the exact words that were used, but this what I remember,
The newscaster in that Skit:

" This year the Muslims from all over the world had gathered to perform
their pilgrimage in Saudia Arabia, in an annual ritual of the pilgrimage
the muslims perform an act of stoning the devil, this year 150 ppl died.
Little do these people know that the Devil was performing his annual ritual
of stomping them to DEATH"
There was another article related to Eid which was made fun of, but I
can't recall that.

Now this is unacceptable, we should ask NBC for a public apology and
protest this. How can we do that, for one we can start sending them
protest e-mail to


Secondly, I will try to approach CAIR who takes care of such issues for
Muslims to get this to be a national campaign, where I need your help, I
would really appreciate that if you could forward this e-mail to other ppl
so that we can take care of this matter ASAP.


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