I still think you are wasting you time. I still think she is a moron who is not worth
the attention, and her second note confirms that. But that is of course my opinion.
Clearly, she is unable to distinguish between cultural practices and religion.
Sometime they are not easily distinguishable, and one needs more than superficial
understanding of a culture/religion to understand those.

At the risk of generalization, I am tempted to assert that "subservience of women"
is an attitude largely pervasive in the Middle-East and in the Mediterranean region.
It's a long-standing cultural attitude which evolved from practices of highly patriarchal
societies. But it is downright STUPID to conclude that therefore it is connected to
religion. I know a lot of Palestinian Christians, Italian Catholics, etc., who treat women
like dirt. Am I to conclude from that this sort treatment is 'a Christian thing?' 

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