A reply to the Wiccan Lady

well first of all tell her that for a fact a VAST majority of the muslims of the world are NOT from the middle east. As a matter of fact the middle east counts for less than a quarter of the muslim population of the world. So practices in the middle east are not necesarily representative of muslim practices. Also mention that Muslims also happen to be the second most practiced religion in England. Islam is very prominent in Spain as well. To generalize that Arab practices are muslim practices is very wrong. It's like saying all christians are americans.

...and the whole thing about americans not seeking out foreigners is a load of crap. What are most americans? British immigrants? that's foreigner enough to me. Look at yourselves first before you judge others. And americans not being wife beaters? Please - domestic violence is at an all time high in the states. Many americans are from broken families; And as for this whole women subservant thing - how many women presidents were there from the united states? look at bangladesh and pakistan - two of the largets muslim populations in the world - both have or had women prime ministers/presidents.