This is a HOAX!

The following report is false except for the fact that this boy does exist. He has been to parts of the U.S. and people have actually met him.

A "Scottish news report" (click here to view) and the Bengali-language dawah magazine which *I* personally am holding in my own hands right now describe him as phenomenal.

However, the following accounts prove that although he exists, his story is just alot of hype. Please read the following e-mails from two people who have given first hand accounts.

From:        Abdul Hakim Vazquez []
Sent:        19 October 1999 11:06
Subject:     Boy, 5, converts 1000 to Islam: the refutation

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

I think it would be wise to examine this report a bit closer. First of all, it is not unusual in various parts of Africa and Asia to see people who are unlettered yet who can speak several languages quite fluently. Thus the report that a child can do so should not be seen as strange. Similarly, the report states that Muammar Qadhaafi supports him. Aside from fighting Islam in his nation, Qadhaafi is also known to be a regluar supporter of known heretics like Farrakhan and Rashad Khalifa. Therefore eybrows should automatically be raised when Qadhaffi's name enters the picture.

Nevertheless, this past summer a brother who attends our tafseer class in Virginia, went to see this "miracle boy" in Philadelphia. The brother told us he is convinced that the entire thing is an elaborate scam done by either the Christians or the Sufis with the intent to hoodwink the Muslims.

The brother said the boy came to a packed Philadelphia auditorium where the majority of attendees were African. Advertisment claimed the boy was "a Hafidh of both the Quran and the Injeel". This claim alone raised some people's suspicions. A

few weeks prior to the boy's arrival, a videotape was circulated among the Muslims in Philadelphia which shows the boy and makes several claims. However, the Quran reciter on the videotape is NOT the boy.  In fact, the video never shows the boy reciting anything from the Quran.

On the day the boy appeared, he was accompanied by four bodyguards, none of whom would allow anyone to question him or do anything except allow people to kiss his hand, touch him or ask him to pray for them. One of the bodyguards was the boy's father, who contrary to the news report, is a Christian.

Before the boy's entrance, the bodyguards would pass around a collection basket for people to donate money. People were never informed as to what the money they were donating was for or how it would be used. It was apparently assumed the money was for the boy himself, thus many people donated large sums of money into the basket. When the boy entered, he would then start with khutbatul hajjah, yet he never led nor attended any of the congregational prayers and only came to the local masjid after everyone had finished salat.

Later when the boy's father was not present, some attendees asked the boy to recite some suras. At first, the boy acted as if he didn't understand what was being asked. The bodyguards appeared irritated and said it was not proper for anyone to order the boy to recite. People replied that they were not ordering anything, but were simply asking IF he could recite SOMETHING so that people could hear him. A translator then asked him to recite some suras such as Ar-Rahman, Al-Mulk, etc. and the boy replied, "I don't know  that". They then asked him to recite suratul Ala, to which he replied again, "I don't know that". They then asked him to recite suratul Ihklas, he said, "I don't know that".  It then became obvious to everyone that the boy knew nothing of the Quran, and was simply fooling everyone with an elaborate and well-concieved con.

When the father returned and noticed what was going on, he quickly hustled the boy and his bodyguards out of the auditorium. Many attendees felt betrayed, especially when it was discovered that the boy and his "family" left town soon thereafter and their whereabouts were unknown.

If this is a scam, obviously the boy is not to blame, but rather the dajjaleen who are parading him before the Muslims as a pseudo-prophetic persona with the express intent of fleecing masses of Muslims from their money. A number of sufi groups have been known to be making inroads in Africa and have used customary shirk practices to gather followers. If Muslims are being duped by these minor dajjaleen, then how much more so hen the real Dajjal appears? And may Allah protect us from his fitnah, ameen.

Wa salam Abu Umar

Salaam Alaykum Sister

Regarding that little boy - the five year old who is supposed to have converted many people to Islam. He came to my neighbourhood mosque - Islamic Center of New York - several months ago. Our imam put him in front of the congregation and dispelled alot of myths about him. One of such is that he has not memorised Quran....maybe a sura or two.

When asked questions, he answered like a normal little boy.

It was alot of hype.

Our imam told us not to believe everything we read. The URL for our mosque is

I really can't remember all the details. I just remember walking away thinking it was all a fraud. Whatever the case, I just hope he has touched some people and brought them to Islam.

i don't dispute the fact that he has touched lives but i think that several things about him were misrepresented. Our imam stood him in front of us sister. He ran past me playing with the other kids. I saw him up close. There are people wanting to touch him as if he is supernatural. That is crazy. He was a simple boy. A human being.

Fi Aman Allah

K. T. PK
from New York City

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