The following is an outright fabrication against Allah's Messenger (saw). The hadith master Hafidh Ibn Hajar (d.852H) described it as "manifest falsehood" (Lisan al-Mizan, 5/pp.295-297). Similarly, Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Baz - the former Grand Mufti of the Saudi Arabia - said in his 'Fatawaa' (1/p.97) in reference to this hadith: "It is compulsory on a person who finds a paper containing this hadith that he burns it, and warns anyone he finds spreading this narration (i.e. not to spread it), in order to safeguard the Sunnah of the Prophet from the lies of the liars (who fabricated this hadith)".

Punishment for leaving Prayers
From the Hadith of Prophet

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