Fake picture of Prophet's (saw) Tomb
The picture below is not of the Prophet's (saw) tomb as many are claiming (without verifying) in e-mail forwards. On the contrary, it is the tomb of the famous Muslim poet and philospher, Maulana Rumi in Turkey. I confirmed this during my visit to his tomb in Konya, Turkey in December 2001.

The fact that this picture (below) is not of the tomb of the Prophet (saw) was also comfirmed by Peter Sanders the Muslim photographer. He revealed this during my interview with him on Thursday, 17th May 2001. He said, "Inside the Prophet's (saw) tomb - no I have not seen inside. I asked a sheikh what's inside - he's one the people who clean the area. He said light, light..nothing but light. The picture going round on the Internet - it's not a real picture, it's a painting from someone's vision because there's nothing in there, they've completely concealed it up. That might have been what it was like in the Turkish times, I don't know. It seems very authentic - I've seen in different shuyukh's houses. It's possible that it is what it did look like or what it does look like in the unseen, I don't know. Allahuwalam. As far as I know, there is nothing there. The sheikh said there is only light and he added, people who don't see this light only see their own darkness."

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