My Point of View

"I looked out of my window and caught my breath. Engraved into the sky was a Sura from the Quran. The Arabic verses were fiery, bright and clear against the dark night. I fell to my knees as I sobbed loudly. I raised my hands in prayer for I'd never felt so close to God. I don't speak Arabic but when I looked again, I saw the translation of the sura, in English. 

It said, "There will be many who will come to misguide you. There will be many who will seek to distort the message I have sent you. But be strong, don't be misled."

I called on my family and they saw what I was seeing. It was a scene full of tears, awe, love of Allah and most of all, gratitude."

Today is the 12th of July 1998. On the night of 9th July, I had the dream I have described above.

I have had several strange foretelling dreams but this one tops them all. After all, just two days before, I came across information that suggested what no Muslims should ever believe. I came across a "Submitters" site which proclaimed, with great analysis, that the Quran we have today is not in its original form. It claimed that the Quran had been tampered with. I was easily engulfed in their tale because at first glance, the Submitters seem like normal Muslims like you and me.

I am an open-minded person. Consequently, I was open to their interpretation. Although not 100% ready to shed my undying faith in the perfection of the Holy Quran, the Submitters left a seed of doubt in my mind. At that time I was unaware of what the Ahmadiyyans and Submitters were really about. If you aren't either, take a look at this, Pseudo-Islamic Cults.

It took me two days to find out that what I had read on their site was a manipulation of truth. During those two days, I went through immense confusion and emotional pain because slowly, I was begining to doubt what I had always trusted with all my heart - God and His word, The Holy Quran.

It was at this time that I had the aforementioned dream. I have never felt this fortunate in my life....never have I felt this close to God. The second I woke up, I thanked Him because I was brimming with gratitude that He had chosen to show me such a poignant sign of guidance during my time of confusion.

Looking Back
I have led a good life. My family has always been fortunate enough to have food on the table, we have always had a roof over our heads. Recently, I was fortunate enough to graduate from a great university. I have all this to be grateful for. But what I consider to be the biggest blessing that God has bestowed upon me, is that I was born a Muslim.

I thank Allah for giving me the capacity to explore and find the real Islam, as an alternative to the distorted, culturally corrupted Islam that many practise today.

I was never really religious to begin with. I used to believe cos' I was told to but as I grew up, I learnt. Through Allah's guidance, my father brought home excellent English books written by sincere, well-educated scholars from around the world. These books opened my door to Islam. I learnt about Islam from sources more reliable than grandmother tales. It was then that I really began to have faith.

Islam is the answer to every person's troubles and it saddens me to see how Muslims and Non-Muslims alike ruin the reputation of this beautiful religion. To see what I mean,

The Ugly Muslim
Pseudo-Islamic Cults
Domestic Violence
Letter to Muslims

What saddens me the most are Muslims who tarnish the reputation of Islam. I do not entirely blame Non-Muslims OR the Western media. Look at our own people - so many give others reasons to believe Islam is some horrid, oppressive cult! I am disturbed by the husband who won't let his beaten wife apply for a passport, for the "Islamic Government" that won't allow women access to education or freedom to step out of their homes, the 'jihad-ers' who attack men with inadequate beards, fathers who circumcise their little girls and the self-proclaimed hero who thinks blowing up public buildings and killing INNOCENT people is gonna solve anything!

Dear Muslims, we should study the Quran and learn about peace, love, forgiveness, brotherhood and rights of women before we let our emotional attachment to Islam carry us away. Otherwise, WE ARE ALL CULPRITS IN THIS WAR AGAINST ISLAM. Let's not be living examples of horrid misconceptions and lies about Islam - let's be examples that will invite Non-Muslims to learn about the real Islam. It is partly because of our distorted practices that Islam is ill-reputed.

Islam is not about wars, fighting, killing and manipulation. It does not instruct men to oppress women. Our Prophet never fought a war unless it was to defend himself or innocent people or land that has been stolen from its original people. Our prophet forgave all his enemies and even those who brutally murdered his uncle. Our Prophet stood up for women's rights like no women has done in history. Islam made alimony compulsory more than 1400 yrs ago. The Quran is such a wealth of knowledge - can anyone take up God's challenge to produce a greater verse?

The most amazing and conforting aspect of Islam is that it satisfies a thirst for answers that exists in every human being. In Islam, be not afraid to ask or to question because that which is perfect and flawless will always give you the answer. Islam is God's gift to mankind - naturally, it is forever fresh and modern; it never fails to keep up with the times.
Quran and Science
The Basis of Muslim Belief

Islam makes sense to the learned. Scientists, professionals are awed by it. The Quran is a precious treasure for those who love to think and to search. It is a wealth of peace for those who seek it.


Islam is gaining more and more supporters today...the majority of whom are highly educated converts and it is far from surprising.

Islam makes sense, it is LOGICAL. That is what draws me to it. I have had exposure to so many religions and I do not judge them by their imperfect believers. BUT I have found too many imperfections in the scriptures to find in them the kind of solace and peace of mind I find in Islam.

Islam does not make me doubt because it has proven to be perfect in every aspect. MUSLIMS ARE NOT PERFECT - WHICH IS PERHAPS WHAT PERPETUATES THE HATRED THAT THE WEST FEELS FOR ISLAM, BUT ISLAM IS.

Islam, the religion has proven itself and because it makes so much sense, I believe in it.



I do not wish to misguide anyone. If you find any mistakes on this page, PLEASE let me know a.s.a.p. I depend on your feedback because I have to answer to Allah for mistakes that misguide - and so do you for not correcting me.

I have nothing but good intention when making this website and if my actions are contrary to Allah's wishes, may He guide me. All this is for Him and the beautiful religion He has blessed us with. I seek His guidance in my effort to bring this information to you.

Peace & Blessings, Fareena
(Yes I'm a woman, not a man as many mistakenly think)

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