Lament of the Qur'an
by Mahir-ul-Qadri

As an ornament do they adorn me,
Yet they keep me and sometimes kiss me.
In their celebtrations they recite me.
In disputes they swear by me.
On shelves do they securely keep me
Till another celebration or dispute, when they need me.
Yes, they read and memorized me,
Yet only an ornament am I.
My message lies neglected, my treasure untouched,
The field lies bare, where blossomed once true glory.
Wrong is the the treatment that I receive
So much to give have I, but none is there to perceive.

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I am a Muslim
- anonymous

I am a Muslim
And God I praise
For all his blessings
My voice I raise
In one God I believe
No equal has He
Lord of the universe
Compassionate to me
Muhammad the Prophet
Taught me the way
To be honest and truthful
Throughout everyday
The Holy Qur'an
To life is my guide
Its teachings I follow
By it I abide
Islam is my religion
Preaches good deeds
Mercy and Kindness
To the right path it leads
Upon all humanity
God showers his grace
Regardless of colour
Nationality or race
Through working together
Our hopes increase
To live in a world
Full of love and peace
Full of love and peace
I am a Muslim
And God I praise
For all His blessings
My voice I raise

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Footprints in the Sand
- author unknown

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonging to him, and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of his life, there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why, when I needed you most, you would leave me."

The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that I carried you."

Note: Muslims do not believe that God appeared in the form of a man, etc. The reason why this poem has been included is because of the moral of the story. The details of the poem do not represent the doctrines within Islam.

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If The Prophet Muhammad visited you,
Just for a day or two.
If he came unexpectedly,
I wonder what you'd do.

Oh, I know you'd give your nicest room,
To such an honored guest,
And all the food you'd serve to him,
Would be your very best,

And you would keep assuring him,
you're glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home,
Is a joy beyond compare.

BUT ...

When you see him coming,
Would you meet him at the door,
With arms outstretched in welcome,
To your visitor?

OR ...
Would you have to change your clothes
Before you let him in ?
Or hide some magazines
And put the Quran where they had been ?

Would you still watch R-rated movies,
On your TV set ?
Or would you rush to switch it off,
Before He gets upset ?

Would you turn off the radio,
And hope He hadn't heard ?
And wish you hadn't uttered,
That last loud, hasty word ?

Would you hide away your music,
And instead take Hadith books out ?
Could you let him walk right in,
or would you rush about ?

AND, I wonder ...
If the Prophet spent A day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing
The things you always do ?

Would you go right on saying
The things you always say ?
Would life for you continue
As it does from day to day ?

Would your family conversation
Keep up its usual pace ?
And would you find it hard each meal
To say a table grace ?

Would you keep up each every prayer
Without putting on a frown ?
And would you always jump up early
For prayers at dawn ?

Would you sing the songs you always sing
And read the books you read ?
And let him know the things on which
your mind and spirit feed ?

Would you take the prophet with you
Everywhere you plan to go ?
Or, would you, maybe, change your plans,
Just for a day or so ?

Would you be glad to have him meet
your very closest friends?
Or, would you hope they'd stay away
Until his visit ends?
Would you be glad to have him stay
Forever on and on?

OR ...
Would you sigh with great relief,
When he at last was gone ?

It might be interesting to know
The things that you would do
If the Prophet Muhammad, in person,
came to spend some time with you.

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I saw you yesterday as you began your daily chores. You awoke without stopping to pray.  As a matter of fact, you didn't even bless your meals, or pray before going to bed last night. You are so unthankful, I like that about you. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you have not changed your way of living, Fool, you are mine.

Remember, you and I have been going steady for years, and I still don't love you yet. As a matter of fact, I hate you, because I hate God. I am only using you to get even with God. He kicked me out of heaven, and I'm going to use you as long as possible to pay him back. You see, Fool, GOD LOVES YOU and HE has great plans in store for you. But you have yielded your life to me and I'm going to make your life a living  hell.  That way we'll be together twice. This will really hurt God.  Thanks to you.

I'm really showing Him who's boss in your life. With all of the good times we've had..... We have been watching dirty movies, cursing people, out partying, stealing, lying, being hypocritical, indulging in fornication, overeating, telling dirty jokes, gossiping, back stabbing people, disrespecting adults and those in leadership position, NO respect for the mosque, bad attitudes: SURELY you don't want to give all this up.

Come on, Fool, let's burn together forever. I've got some hot plans for us. This is just a letter of appreciation from me to you.  I'd like to say "THANKS" for letting me use you for most of your foolish life. You are so gullible, I laugh at you. When you are tempted to sin, you give in HA HA HA, you make me sick. Sin is beginning to take its toll on your  life.  You look 20 years older, I need new blood. So go ahead and teach some children how to sin.

All you have to do is smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, cheat, gamble, gossip, fornicate, and listen to and dance to the top 10 jams. Do all of this in the presence of children and they will do it too. Kids are like that. Well, Fool, I have to let you go for now. I'll be back in a couple of seconds to tempt you again. If you were smart, you would run somewhere, confess your sins, ask forgiveness from Him, live for God with what little bit of life that you have left. It's not my nature to warn anyone, but to be your age and still sinning, it's becoming a bit ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, I still hate you...... IT'S JUST THAT YOU'D MAKE A BETTER FOOL FOR GOD.

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O P E R A T I O N   D E A T H
by G.H.E. Vanker

 This is a tale of an average man,
 Who acts contrary to Allah's plan,
 If you are reflected herein,
 Then repent, and commit no sin.

 It was early in the morning at four
 When death knocked upon a bedroom door
 "Who is there?" the sleeping one cried
 I'm Izrael let me inside

 At once, the man began to shiver
 As one sweating in deadly fever
 He shouted to his wife
 "Don't let him take away my life."

 "Please go away, O Angel of Death
 I'm not ready yet
 My family, on me depend
 Give me a chance, to go back and mend .

 The angel knocked again and again
 "Friend, I'll take your life without any pain
 It's your soul that Allah requires
 I come not with my own desires.

 Bewildered, the man began to cry
 "O Angel, I'm so afraid to die
 I'll give you gold and be your slave
 Don't send me to the unlit grave.

 "Let me in O friend", the angel said
 "Open the door, get up from your bed
 If you do not allow me in
 I will walk through it like a Jinn.

 The man held a gun in his right hand
 Ready to defy the Angel's stand
 "I'll point my gun towards your head
 You dare come in - I'll shoot you dead.

 By now, the Angel was in the room
 Saying, "O friend - prepare for your doom
 Foolish man - Angels never die
 Put down your gun and do not sigh."

 "Why are you afraid - Tell me O man
 To die according to Allah's plan?
 Come - smile at me, do not be grim
 Be happy to return to him."

 "O Angel, I bow my head in shame
 I had no time to remember Allah's name
 From dawn 'til dusk, I made my wealth
 Not even caring for my spiritual health."

 "Allah's commands I never obeyed,
 Nor five times a day I ever prayed,
 A Ramadhaan came and a Ramadhaan went,
 But no time had I to repent."

 "The Hajj was already obligatory upon me
 But I would not part with my money
 All charities I did ignore
 Taking usury more and more."

 "Sometimes I sipped my favorite wine,
 With flirting women I sat to dine.
 O angel I appeal to you,
 Spare my life for a year or two."

 "The laws of the Qur'aan, I will obey
 I'll begin Salaat - this very day.
 My Fast and Hajj I will complete
 And keep away from self-conceit."

 "I will refrain from usury
 And give all my wealth to charity
 Wine and unlawful women , I will detest
 Allah's oneness I will attest."

 We Angels do what Allah demands
 We cannot go against his commands
 Death is ordained for everyone
 Father, mother, daughter and son."

 "I'm afraid, this moment is your last
 Now be reminded of your past.
 I do understand your fears
 But it is now too late for tears."

 "You lived in this world, two score or more
 Never did you, your people adore
 Your parents you did not obey
 Hungry beggars, you turned away."

 "Your two ill-gotten, female offspring
 In nightclubs, for livelihood they sing.
 Instead of making more Muslims
 You made your children non-Muslims."

 "You ignored the muadhin's Adhan (call to prayer)
 Nor did you read the holy Quraan.
 Breaking promises all you life
 Backbiting friends and causing strife."

 "From hoarded goods, great profits you made
 And your poor workers - you underpaid.
 Horses and cards were your leisure
 Money-making was your pleasure."

 "You ate vitamins and grew more fat
 With the very sick - you never sat.
 A pint of blood, you never gave
 which could a little baby save."

 "O human, you have done enough wrong
 You bought good properties for a song.
 When the farmers appealed to you
 You did not have mercy, this is true."

 "Paradise for you? I cannot tell
 Undoubtedly you will dwell in hell.
 There is no time for you to repent
 I'll take your soul for which I am sent."

 The ending however is very sad
 Eventually, the man became mad
 With a cry, he jumped out of bed
 And suddenly, he fell down dead.

 O! Reader take a moral from here
 Never know, your end may be near.
 Change your living and make amends
 For heaven, on your deeds depend.

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All praises are for you Allah, how I hope that you are there.
For sinful though I know I am, your displeasure I can not bear.
Never, till this moment, did I realize how much I've strayed.
Never, till now, was I more conscious of all those times when I should have prayed.
For sins are like heavy baggage, that one carries through Life, the airport.
Why didn't I realize sooner, that Earth is but a place of sport?
Ya Allah ! Forgive me. Save me from the fire of Hell.
 Forgive me as you did my parents, from Jan'ah though they fell.
Ya Allah ! Protect me. From myself for my soul is weak.
Let me not falter ever, for Jan'ah is the abode I seek.
Ya, Allah! Please help me. For I don't understand and thus, I fear.
What happened to all those moments when I never doubted that you were near ?
My actions once were guided, by my faith which, once, was strong.
Ya Allah! please guide me . What happened, what went wrong ?
Each footstep that I used to take, I took with you ever near my side.
The Quran was my faithful companion, Rasoolallah my beloved guide.
How I yearn for those bygone days Allah, for I know that the day comes near
When we'll each receive our just rewards, and Truth will stand sparkling clear.
Life is like a spider's web Allah. We get caught in its tricky snare
So thoroughly are we disillusioned, time for salat we can not spare.
I sit here and I wonder, Ya Allah! Why did I fall so low ?
What happened to my faith Allah? Where did my Iman go?
In this earthly life of ours, so often does sin seem right.
Falsehood seems to be the truth, as if days are confused with night.
Man is an imperfect creature. And thus, Man shall always wrong.
For the road to Jan'ah is rocky, and the journey seems awfully long.
Ya Allah ! Our creator, we are all just peices of clay.
Please help us with our steps in life, and let us not lose our way.
All praises are for you Allah, I know that you are near.
I know that you have read my heart, and my words I know you hear.

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What will the date be?
Praised be He,
who knows the future
Lord of The worlds,
Creator of every creature

Did you sit down and think
About the moment when
your eyes will cease to blink
yes, I am Talking to you
sit down and do
and do not pretend
That it won't Happen to you

What will the date be?
What will be the time?
And Most important...
am I the next on line?
Oh no you think...
not Me....
and even if it was... you say
it won't be today....
It will be At a time

so far away...
like a hundred years
or maybe even more
When Angel Izrael
will be knocking at my door
and the problem Is.
you know that you know....
That when death comes...
it will Come like a blow

I just can't believe
maybe can't conceive
that God knows the very second
when my soul will come out of my body
And the news will shock everybody

So am I ready for the test?
The Most important final test?
But how can I pass
when I knew all the While
that when I didn't prepare
for a test in school
I got a letter in
My mail
a lousy F
for Fail
Exactly what I was expecting

Don't take God for granted
Yes, He is Merciful
His Punishment is also

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There was a time in my youth,
When Islam was only a custom.
They said "say La IIaha IIIa Allah,..
And pray, you'll go to Heaven."

Ah, how simple, no struggle in this,
Just a word, and simple act.
Thereafter I'm absorbed in this world again,
With my 'assured' place in Paradise intact.

But this was not to be my fate
For ALLAH chose to guide my heart.
I learnt of a man who struggled so hard
When his mission was from the start.

Spoke gently, kindness he knew.
Never fearing to say what's right,
His conviction in ISLAM was true.

The touch of his hand was as soft as silk
To comfort a crying child.
To mend his clothes, or do the chores,
Never complaining, he always smiled.

A living he made with his bare hands,
The same that held his mighty sword.
Valour shone from the edge of his blade,

His smell was always of musk,
And cleanliness he kept at his best.
Stark contrast with the heroes of today,
Who stink of beer and sweat.

He held the hands of his companions.
Unashamed to play with many children.
So modest, so humble, a perfect example,
That strangers could not recognise him.

His eyes slept little for nights were precious,
His prayers he treasured much greater.
To pray Tahajjud in the depths of night,
Seeking forgiveness, and nearness to his Creator.

He broke his tooth for me at Uhud,
And bled for me at Ta'if.
He cried for me, tears of concern,
Just so I could have this belief.

His enemies admired his teachings,
Uniting every religion, every clan.
Till ISLAM came to every corner of the world,
O, but indeed he was only a man.

To own a house, or build his wealth
Was not his main priority.
To establish ISLAM was more essential,
To bring us under a Higher Authority.

Don't you want him to plea for your case,
When before ALLAH-The Judge-you stand?
Don't you wish to be around his fountain,
A burning desire to drink from his hand?

So I love him more than all creation,
My Leader, my Humble Prophet.
Muhammad (SAWS) was a mercy to all mankind,
And to me, he is ... MY BELOVED!

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In the Name of Allah begin every action
Obey, serve and worship Allah with devotion
Offer Salaah with humility an attention,
Read the Qur'an with understanding and comprehension.

Strive in Allah's way with Qur'anic inspiration
Let Allah's pleasure be our only aspiration
And success in the Hereafter,
Be our sole ambition.

Memorize Qur'anic quotations
Engage in Dhikr and Soul-Purification
Do Da'wah with wisdom,
Beautiful preaching and graceful persuasion.

There is no time now to relax
That we may Inshallah do in Paradise perhaps
Now be more concerned with earning Sawaab,
And maintain all norms of Hijaab.

In Religion there is no compulsion
At stake is your own Salvation
For the Truth stands out from error,
Make sure you do not regret later.

On the basis of color, wealth, or region
Let there be no distinction
In the Muslim Ummah let there be no division,
In the Qur'an will you find such injunctions.

Let us be One Strong United Brotherhood
Concerned about each others' welfare and good
Offering the needy and orphans food,
Over losses do not brood.

We follow the ways of beloved Prophet Muhammad
Sallallahu alaihi wasallam
Allah's Last and Final Messenger
The Most Sublime of all humans
The Most Exalted in Character.

We follow his Sunnah and Guidance
And do not cause on earth mischief or nuisance
Islam is a Religion of Peace
It's Attraction and Glory will never cease.

Do adopt the Islamic Way of Life
Be faithful to your husband or wife
In writing put all your contracts and agreements
Honor and keep all your promises and commitments.

Life after death is a certainty
Do not treat this life with laxity
Do not indulge in frivolous gaiety
And shun all obscenity and vulgarity.

Islam recommends virtues
Such as Honesty, Chastity and Charity
Do good deeds with sincerity
Almighty Willing you may attain eternal felicity.

On usury and interest there is prohibition
On trade there is blessing and divine sanction
Be honest and fair,
In every transaction.

Islam is here to reign supreme
However much the mushriks may scheme
This is neither utopia nor dream,
Righteous Muslims will emerge as the Victorious Team.

Allah's Oneness to all we proclaim
We seek neither wealth nor any fame
Allah's Pleasure is our only aim
Glorified be His Name,
May He save us from deeds of shame
And from hell's fire and flame.

Aameen! Ya arhamar raahimeen.

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