The left-wing Children's Crusade
by Eric Margolis, Foreign Correspondent, 29 July 2001
NEW YORK - The most remarkable thing about the series of moving riots known as 'anti-globalism' protests is how seriously many grown-ups and the media take them.

The ugly spasms of violence in the US, Canada, Sweden, and, most recently, Italy, against the free market industrial nations- known as G-8 - are being unduly dignified by the media as legitimate protests against social evils, rather that what they really are, a mixture of leftist thuggery and juvenile hormones.

Back in the innocent 50s and early 60s, students got drunk, or indulged in idiotic fraternity rituals and panty raids. In the later 60s and 70s, college kids vented their adolescent emotions and anti-parental passions by demonstrating against the war in Vietnam, the
Democratic Party, nuclear weapons, and segregation. Fast forward to the 21st Century. Today's version of the 60s panty raids, 70s political protest, and Woodstock is, of course, 'anti-globalism', a catch-all term for the free market system, democracy, mom and pops social values, and western civilization.

What the indulgent press calls 'anti-globalism' activists is a core of extreme Marxists, anarchists, and street thugs, around which gravitates a nebulous galaxy of grubby students; assorted leftists; union militants; advocacy groups; and what my sharp-tongued mother calls 'scum' of the gutter.

The next G-8 conference is to be held close to my Alberta home in Kananaskis, one of the worlds most heavenly locales. This is a terrible mistake. Hold the next G-8 powwow on a cruise ship. Or in Ankara, Turkey. Turkeys feared paramilitary police would just love to have a go at the professional rioters who have intimidated Europe's gentler gendarmes. Or hold the meeting in Paris, where Frances ferocious CRS riot police (known in French as 'the crushers) would make pat of the Marxist storm troopers.

And storm troopers is what they are. The professional, full-time street Marxists mainly Germans- who have turned harmless G-8 photo ops into war zones are no different from the Communist toughs who battled Hitler's Brown Shirts in Berlin in the 1920s. Any demonstrators who show up equipped with helmets, masks, body armor, and iron bars should be arrested at sight and jailed for long terms. Looters and arsonists should be shot.

As for the starry-eyed students who have made street riots today's favorite college sport, one may ask how these champions of the poor, downtrodden, and oppressed can afford international travel from one riot to another, or attend protestors training camps in between? Simple. Like student protestors of the 60s and 70s, they are the spoiled children of middle or upper class parents: junior marxists with American Express cards.

Instead of going to Florence to study art, or to Ft. Lauderdale to study girls, many of today's students have joined the leftwing Children's Crusade to overthrow dads filthy capitalism which provides them the luxury of flying to Europe to protest the plight of Africa. Children of working class families have to stay home and take summer jobs.

Why, we must also ask, did all these student marxists come from? The collapse of the Soviet Union, and partial revelation of the monstrous crimes of Stalin and Mao, dealt fatal blows to old-style communism, and forced Europe's and Americas socialists to move toward the center. But the totalitarian left didn't just disappear. Like an oil slick treated by dispersant chemicals, it dissolved into countless small blobs: anti-racists; militant leftwingers disguised as ecologists (ie the Sierra Club); feminists; sociologists; children's and anti-poverty advocates; many NGO (non-government organizations); Christian aid groups like Oxfam; anti-tobacco, anti-GMO and antigun crusaders, etc. etc..

The G8 meetings finally provided these disparate groups something they lacked since communism's 1991 collapse: a common rallying point. However, what they still lack, like Europe's far right, is competent, intelligent leadership that can reunify the fragmented left..

Universities in the US, Canada, and Europe have always leaned to the left. Over the past decade, all sorts of marxists found refuge in the university system, where they guarded their almost universally discredited religion like an ancient order of Druid priests. They hired like-minded leftists and drove out or intimidated non-leftists with accusations of racism, sexism, insensitivity, or irrelevance. Today, our schools are the last refuge of jejune leftwing ideology. Most parents are unaware they have been paying through the nose so that academic marxists can pollute their children's minds with leftist claptrap, East German economic theory, and political correctness.

Exhibit A. I was absolutely flabbergasted last summer when the head of the University of Toronto's Russian Studies department told me with the giddy excitement that she was to receive a multi-million dollar government grant to rehabilitate Stalin's memory. Stalin murdered upwards of 30 million people, but this lady claimed poor Uncle Joe had been misunderstood. Would she also seek to rehabilitate Hitler and Himmer, I asked? Oh no, she replied, we draw the line at Nazis. Topic number one for the next G-8 conference should be: how to rid our schools and universities of the infestation of marxist ideologists who seek to turn our children against democracy and free markets, the most successful, humane and beneficial political and economic system in history.

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