Participating in this Election = Hell
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The season has come yet again. Some Muslim organizations are trying to promote, convince and coax Muslims to cast their vote in the upcoming elections under the guise of benefit. This action is most definitely and totally haram. Unfortunately, it is passed by very easily due to the Ummah's confused understanding of Islam, specially in matters related to the laws of Islam governing political action. When pork is consumed or when zina is committed, the Muslims are quick to respond (as they should). However, when democracy is likened to Islam or when we are told to vote for our local congressman, there is approval or at least confusion.

Since we have accepted Islam as our Deen (ideology; way of life) we have accepted to respect and obey Allah(swt)'s commandments and prohibitions in all aspects of our lives whether it be praying in the Masjid or electing a person to take care of our affairs. That is, to use the Islamic yardstick of doing what pleases Allah(swt) halal  and abstaining from what displeases Him haram in all our actions. Thus, when it comes to casting votes, every Muslim has to know the shari ruling related to it so that he/she can adopt it and act upon it.

Muslims are being herded towards Congress under the false pretext of benefit. We are told that a block of Muslim votes is essential for our interests  and that our survival is dependent on how we vote. Let us stop and examine what we are getting in to. What does casting a vote  really mean? Webster Dictionary defines the term vote as a formal expression of preference for a candidate for office for a proposed resolution of an issue. In other words voting is a process in which voters give a mandate or a power of attorney to a candidate to represent them in the resolution of a particular issue. The process by itself is halal. Classical fiqh books are full of proofs that it is halal to give somebody a power of attorney as long as the action he is being deputized in, is halal to begin with. So while voting in itself is halal, it becomes haram if it deputizes somebody to do a haram act.

Whether it is in the Muslim World or the West, the systems implemented upon the people now are Kufr systems based in beliefs other than Islam. It is beyond argument that the constitution of the USA and the laws and systems emanating from it which are being implemented here are not Islamic. The rulers have no other role except to implement these man-made laws, i.e. ahkam-al-kufr. In no uncertain terms Allah forbids that in Quran. Allah (SWT) says in Surat Al-Maidah:

"...And whosoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, such are the Thalimoun (oppressors, tyrants and wrong-doers)." (TMQ 5:44)

"...And whosoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, such are the Kafiroun(disbelievers)." (TMQ 5:45)

"...And whosoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, such are the Fasiqoun (rebellious, disobedient)." (TMQ 5:47)

The verses condemn those who rule with anything other than what Allah has revealed regardless of their sincerity, piety, intentions or objectives.

The US defines itself as a democratic state based on the ideology of Capitalism/secularism/democracy which is a man-made ideology that usurps Sovereignty from Allah (SWT) by transferring it to the people; i.e. it is the people, not Allah, who decide what is right/wrong and what systems and rules should be implemented in society. Allah (SWT) says in Quran:

"...Do they seek the Hukm (command, judgment,legislation) of Jahilyah (ignorance, disbelief), who is better than Allah in Hukm for a people who have an unshakable belief." (TMQ, 5: 50)
"...Verily the `Hukm (command, judgment,legislation) is for none but Allah; He has commanded that you worship none but Him..." (TMQ 12:40)

These verses make it very clear that no one has the authority to come up with, legislate, pass or propose any kind of laws or canons except Allah (SWT). Only His (SWT) laws are to be followed; only He (SWT) has the right to be worshipped. No one else can take part in or claim a share of His Sovereignty and Rule.

In this light, do we as Muslims realize what we are committing when we vote for a person whom we know will not rule by Islam? We should understand that when we vote a certain candidate to a President or State Governor position we are authorizing him to rule according to the country's or state's Kufr constitution, systems and laws.

Do we realize what we are committing when we vote for a person to legislate instead of Allah? The election of a Congressman or Senator to a Senate or House of Representatives (on national or state level) is an authorization for him to carry out a specific and well-defined purpose which includes legislation. This is an action that clearly contradicts the orders of Allah (SWT). We cannot authorize any human being (kafir or Muslim) to take on a duty that is reserved for and belongs solely to Allah (SWT).

It should be well established that the only sources for extracting a rule regarding any issue are the Quran and the Sunnah. Opinions formulated on desire and benefit  have absolutely no meaning or weight in Islam. What is the use of the sharia if we start using our minds to determine right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, beneficial and harmful and leave the orders of Allah behind our backs?! Contrary to the Capitalist deceptions which fool some of us, our benefit lies exclusively in following the rules Allah gave us in the form of Islam, not in finding excuses to disobey them. Allah knows better than us where the benefit of his creation lies. The attempts to cloak the secular/capitalist concept of benefit in the Maliki schools basic rule of "maslaha" is a false delusion. All Islamic schools of thought, including the Malikies, agree that Muslims are obligated to follow the orders of Allah when they see them in Quran and Sunnah. The Maliki school resorts to the basic rule of "Maslaha" only when it can not find a specific text in Quran and Sunnah to approve or disapprove a "Maslaha." Allah (SWT) says in Quran:

"And no, by your Lord, they will not believe until they refer to your judgment in all disputes between them then find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission." (TMQ 4:65)

"And so judge between them by what Allah (SWT) has revealed and follow not their desires but beware of them lest they turn you far away (O Muhammad) from some of that which Allah has sent down to you..." (TMQ 5:49)

As Muslims we obey and implement the rules set by Allah as part of our obedience to him and not because the rulings are easy, difficult or connected to maslaha (benefit) as our intellect construe it. Thus, we absolutely cannot use maslaha as a justification to legalize any kind of action, which has been forbidden by Allah, whether it be selling alcohol or voting for Congressmen. Imam Ali (RA) has showed clearly that intellect (the sole basis of this benefit routine) plays no role in defining right and wrong when he observed that: "If the Deen were established upon common sense (i.e., the intellect), it would make more sense to wipe the bottom of one's feet rather than the top (in Wudhu). But I saw the Prophet (SAAW) wiping the tops of his feet." (Bukhari).

Our duty as Muslims is to INVITE POEPLE TO ISLAM,COMMANDING GOOD and FORBIDDING EVIL, not to become part of this kufr system(man-made-system is the biggest evil). Our efforts should be focused at working to address the munkr(evil) and command good in this society(the laws and orders-system) and also work to establish Islam in its totality wherever we are through an intellectual and political struggle, carrying the call of Islam (not democracy) to the(society) Muslims and non-Muslims in this country, and preserving our Islamic identity and that of our children and grandchildren. That can only be done by following the methodology Islam has defined for this task embodied in the track-record of Rasool Allah and his companions, and not being led by pseudo-benefits that our limited intellects churn out.

We are being told that this process is the way to attain a status like that of the Jews in this society. Our model is the Messenger of Allah(saw) and his sahabah not the jews. This is a display of great confusion. In no uncertain terms, Rasool Allah (SAAW) warned us from following the ways of the Jews and Christians. Furthermore, its naive to wish a status like that of the Jews. Due to their assimilation, the Jews of the US have a completely secular sect (reform Jews) constituting almost a third of their population. A group constituting more than 30% of their current population has stopped being Jewish and remain only "culturally Jewish" (a SUNY-Buffalo census). Do we want to go down that lane and lose this life and the hereafter!

The pro-participation organizations and individuals are being used to propagate an agenda which is not ours. The idea of Muslims participating in the USA political system was sown a decade ago by non-Muslims like Reverend Jesse Jackson and Congressman P. McCloseky. It was carried and propagated between Muslims with direct support from the puppet governments in Muslim lands and encouragement from the US-government. The US-government sees in Muslims continued alienation from the existing political system, a potential danger to the system and an obstacle in the face of Muslims digesting the secular ideology of the society and getting assimilated. It is out to nurture this agenda through Pavlovian tactics. Those who propagate these ideas are being (with or without their knowledge) trained to do this job. When they veer out-of-line they are punished with bad media and judicial harassment, when they toe the line they get good media coverage, receptions at establishment institutions (the White House, the Capitol Hill ...) and visits and speeches from establishment figures. Allah says in Surat Aal Emran:

"A group of the people of the Book would love to lead you astray. They lead none astray but themselves but they do not realize (it)." (TMQ 3:69)

We call upon all pro-participation organizations and individuals to stop being tools of destruction. If they are not willing to carry the call to Islam to this society, then at least they should stop leading the Muslims into the pit of secularism and capitalism through integration and assimilation.

We call upon the Ummah of Muhammad (SAAW) to actively resist the plots and plans of the kuffaar to destroy or water down our deen and thus our identity by introducing alien, Kufr concepts into it. The time has come for the Muslim Ummah to realize its responsibility as a witness over mankind and to
work to establish the deen of Allah (SWT) to fulfill this responsibility. Participation in this vicious kufr system defeats the very purpose of the Ummah being the leader of and Witness to humanity. We possess the haqq(truth), we are well equipped to tackle all batil. Instead of degrading ourselves and Al-Islam by searching for a means to a solution in a system which is bringing nothing but misery to the humanity, we should call humanity to Islam, the only way out of this misery. We should do it the way Rasool Allah did it, in a challenging and open manner not by taking the shape of any environment we happen to exist in.We here Not to integrate but to change this society to an Islamic society as the Prophet(saw) did it in Makkah and Madinah through an intellectual(inviting society to the belief of Islam) and Political struggle(addressing the law and order of the society) wherever we are!!!(3:104)

"O you believe answer the call of Allah(swt) and His Messenger(saw) to that which gives you Life."(8:24) Prophet Muhammad (saw), said:  "The Muslim Ummah is a unique ummah among the whole of mankind: Their land is one, their War is one, their Peace is one, their Honor is one and their Trust is one."(Imam ahmed)

Remember there is NO Life or Dignity without Islam!!!

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