Shaykh Abdur Rahman as Shanketi Hafidullah
Shaykh Alama Mufti Abdur Rahman bin Muhammad bin Salek bin Fahfu. Is one of the greatest Ulema living today,

His Noble father is more known in the west as the Noble Shaykh Murabit Al Hajj. Shaykh Abdur Rahman is from the tribe of Massumi who trace their lineage back to the Himyar tribe of Yemen. The Shaykh himself comes from a long line of scholars and is known throughout Mauritania and the world for his knowledge end piety.

Shaykh Abdur Rahman is the senior son of Shaykh Murabit al Hajj, the Shaykh from a young age memorized the Quran and studied the sciences of reading the Quran. He then started studying Maliki Fiqh,

He memorized and mastered all the major texts in the Maliki Fiqh such as Akhdari, Ibn Ashir, the Risala of Ibn Abi Zaid, Ashalul Masalik, Nathmu Muqadimaati ibn Rushd, and the Mukhtasar of Sidi Khalil and many more.

He then started studying Arabic Grammar and Morphology, very soon the Shaykh memorized and mastered nearly all the major classical texts such as Ajromiyah, Lamia tul Afaal, Qatru Nada, Mulhat al 'Iraab and the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik. In aqidah, he mastered the Ash'ari creed using the texts of Imam Ash Sharnubi, Imam al Bulaym, Jawahar at Tawhid, and Idaah as well as other texts.

The Shaykh is not only a master in the Maliki Fiqh, which is the official Mathab of Mauritania, but is a master in all the three Mathabs, Hanafi, Shafi, and Hambali. The Shaykh is an expert in every Islamic disciplines; Shaykh Abdur Rahman had mastered over 18 sciences, including Usul al Fiqh, Hadith, Inheritance, Muamalat, Quran recitation (he knows all 7 seven Qirats), Iraab al Quran, Tafseer al Quran, Mujizat al Quran, and many more.

The Shaykh as served as an Imam and Mufti in Abu Dhabi, and currently lives with his family and children in the old quarters of Granada, Spain. Shaykh Abdur Rahman is currently the Executive Director of Abu Hanifah Institute, and a senior advisor of Abu Hanifah Institue, the Shaykh is also a member of the Fatwa Council of UK.

May Allah (swt) preserve the Shaykh and grant him and his noble Father and Family a long and health Life Ameen.

This information, courtesy of the Abu Hanifah Institute, is correct as of 7 March 2002

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