Shaykh Muhammad Fouad al Barazi Hafidullah
Shaykh Fouad is from the traditional city of Hama, Syria; The Shaykh comes from a family of scholars.  He started his earlier Islamic education by studying with his father.  He studied Islamic studies and graduated with high marks.

Among the teachers whom he studied in Syria and who gave him Ijaza and Sanaad (non broken chain of transmitters from the Shaykh to the Prophet Muhammad), where Shaykh Muhammad al Hamed, Shaykh Zain al Dandash, Shaykh Abdullah Siraj Uddin, Shaykh Abu al Khair Zain al Abeddin.

After studying in Syria the Shaykh then went to Egypt to study at the Famous Al Azhar University, he graduated and received various Ijazahs from various teachers, among some of the teachers who gave him Ijaza where Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zahra, Shaykh Saleh Musa Shareef, Shaykh Alama Anees Ubadah.

The Shaykh then went to the land of the Murabitun, Al Magrib (Morocco) where studied Hadith (all six Sahihs and the Muwatta of Imam Malik (ra) and various other Hadith collections), Usul al Hadith (Jurisprudence of Hadith), Ilm al Rijal (science of the narrators), Usul al Fiqh, Ulum al Quran (science of the Quran, the Shaykh studied nearly all the 24 sciences in the Quran), the knowledge of Sanaads and more.

Among the teachers whom he studied with were as following, The Greatest Hadith Master in the last 200 years, the Hafidh al Hadith (a Muhadith who as memorized over 100,000 Ahadiths including the Sanaads), As Shaykh Hafidh al Hadith Abdullah Muhammad Bin Siddqi al Ghumari (ra), (born 1910 Died 1993), who was also the teacher of Shaykh Muhammad Alawi al Makki al Maliki and Shaykh Nizam al Yaqoubi. Shaykh Ghumari (ra) gave Shaykh Fouad Ijaza (permission) to narrate all the six Sahihs, Sahih al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmidthi etc.  Shaykh Ghumari gave permission to Shaykh Fouad to teach and explain the Ahadith he studied.  It is said by the scholars of Islam that Shaykh Abdullah al Ghumari was a bank of Sanaads (a person who had a non broken chain of transmittance).  Shaykh Fouad also studied with the younger brother of Shaykh Abdullah Ghumari, As Shaykh Hafidh al Hadith Abdul Aziz Bin Siddiqi al Ghumari (ra) whom he took various permissions from.  Shaykh Fouad also studied for a short while with the younger brother of Shaykh Abdullah Ghumari (ra), Shaykh Hafidh Al Hadith Hasan Bin Siddiq al Ghummari Hafidullah.

Shaykh Fouad as BA in Islamic Studies, and a MA and PhD in Fiqh al-Muqarin (comparative Fiqh, Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, and Hambali).  Shaykh Fouad is follower of the Mathab of Imam al Azam Abu Hanifah Numan Ibn Thabit al Kufi (rd).  Shaykh Fouad as written a number of books, commentaries and journals, the books he has written are as following:

Shaykh Fouad has also written a commentary on the Ash Shifa of Qadi Ayad, He has written a number of journals with other scholars such as Shaykh Faisal Malawi, Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah and Shaykh Yusuf al Qaradawi.  Shaykh Fouad as travelled all around the world and attended hundreds of conferences, he as shared the platform with International Religious Leaders, Heads of States, and Muslim scholars.  He currently is the Director of Muslim Association of Denmark, Chairman of The European College of Islamic Studies in Scandinavia, and is a senior member of the Fatwa Council of Europe, he is a very close friend to Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah and Shaykh Hasan Bin Siddqi al Ghumari and Shaykh Yusuf al Qaradawi.

He currently lives with his family in Denmark, the Shaykh speaks Arabic and Syrian Dialect and Danish.

This information, courtesy of the Abu Hanifah Institute, is correct as of 7 March 2002

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