Shaykh Muhammad al Yazdani
Shaykh Muhammad al Yazdani grew up in Rochdale, UK, received initial teaching in the Classical Islamic Sciences from his father, Sheikh Muahmmad Ismail Misbahi. Then resumed his studies to become an Islamic Scholars at Jamia-Al-Karam and studied under Shaykh Imdad Hussain Pirzada and Shaykh Alama Abdul Bari at Jamia-Al-Karam. After Jamia-Al-Karam, he resumed to complete and graduate from well-known Orthodox Sunni Institution recognized throughout India, at Al-Jamia'tul-Ashrafia, Mubarakpur, U.P, India.

After this he completed his BA (Hon) in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Manchester between 1994-98 where he was also send by the university to Egypt to undergo intensive Arabic Studies at Alexandria University, he has also done his MA (Hon) in Islamic Studies from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, London).

Currently he is dedicating his time at the Brent Mosque where he has been promoted as Imam, and where he continues to carry out his duties to illuminate the area with his lectures and Counselling Services. He as served as the second Executive Director of Abu Hanifah Institute from 00-01, he is currently a senior advisor to Abu Hanifah Institute.

This information, courtesy of the Abu Hanifah Institute, is correct as of 7 March 2002

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