Shaykh Zain al Aqtab Siddiqi
Shaykh Zain al Aqtab is the brother of three scholars making him the fourth.  The Shaykh comes from a family of scholars.  He started his earlier Islamic Education by studying with his father, Shaykh Abdul Wahab Siddiqi (ra 1942-=1994).

The Shaykh studied various sciences of Islam from over seven years, he graduated and received orthodox certificates in teaching the sciences he studied.  He is currently a practicing Barrister of Law and a senior lecturer at the famous Hijaz College and University, Coventry (built by his father).  He currently lives with his family in Coventry, UK. He is also a senior advisor to Abu Hanifah Institute.

This information, courtesy of the Abu Hanifah Institute, is correct as of 7 March 2002

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