A Prophet Like Unto Moses
Did you know that in the Bible, in Deutoronomny, we have the words of Moses who reports that God told him that He would raise up a prophet from AMONG THE BROTHERS OF THE ISRAELITES, like Moses.

"And the Lord said onto me, they have well spoken that which they have spoken, I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him." (Deuteronomy 18:17-18)

In the third chapter of Acts, the disciple Peter speaks to a crowd of people and explains that Jesus has been taken up and he is in Heavan. He will remain in Heavan and HE CANNOT RETURN until all things that were promised by God come to pass. SO WHAT ARE WERE STILL WAITING FOR, DOES HE TELL THE CROWD?

He quotes this very saying of Moses...."For God will raise up a prophet from among the brothers of the Israelites like Moses...."

Christians wish to apply this to Jesus, to say that he was a Prophet like Moses. It is uncomfortable for them to recognise however, THAT JESUS WAS NOT VERY MUCH LIKE MOSES. Jesus had no father, wife, children nor did he die of old age. He did not lead a nation. He was very different from Moses. (refer to table below)

The Bible itself says "For God will raise up a prophet from among the brothers of the Israelites like Moses...."

BROTHERS OF THE ISRAELITES.....to start off with, JESUS HIMSELF WAS AN ISRAELITE, NOT OF THE BROTHERS OF THE ISRAELITES. This fact alone suffices to show that this particular prophect IS NOT ABOUT THE COMING OF JESUS but about another prophet "like unto Moses"...like Moses. That prophet can be none other than Prophet Muhammad.

The table below is self-evident that the Prophet God promised to send Christians and the Prophet they should acknowledge and regard as their leader is Prophet Muhammad. It shows that not only were Moses and Muhammad very much
alike in many respects, it shows also that Prophet Jesus does not fit this particular prophecy.

Area of Comparison
  • Birth
Usual Usual Unusual
  • Family Life
Married, children Married, children No marriage, no children
  • Death
Usual  Usual Unusual
  • Career
Prophet/Statesman Prophet/Statesman Prophet
  • Forced Emigration (in adulthood)
To Median To Madinah None
  • Encounter with Enemies
Hot pursuit Hot pursuit/Battles No similar encounter
  • Results of encounter
Moral/Physical Victory Moral/Physical Victory Moral Victory
  • Writing down of Revelation
In his Lifetime (Torah) In his lifetime (Al-Qur'an) After him
  • Nature of teachings
Spiritual/Legal Spiritual/Legal Mainly Spritual
  • Acceptance of Leadership by his people
Rejected then Accepted Rejected then Accepted Rejected (by most Israelites)

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