Why won't the American press tell you that
Christians blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City?
by Scott

The Christian right is constantly complaining about how the "liberal" media is slandering them. (If you hear this from the most radical edge of the Christian right, the phrase becomes "the liberal Jewish media.") If this is true, then why is it that the fact that the gun-toting psychopaths in the United States who are constantly featured on the news (like the "Freemen") are almost never referred to as Christians?
If a group of Muslims commits an act of terrorism, the first word in the media description of the group is "Muslim"? Could it be "we" don't like Muslims because they aren't like "us." I think so.

Tonight on the news, it was revealed me that Timothy McVay, the guy who is accused of the Oklahoma City bombing, is a Christian. Not only that, but a radical Christian. This makes perfect sense to us. Who else but a man motivated by his deep religious convictions could pull of an act of such unearthly evil?

He has connections to a Christian compound called "Elohim." How do I know it is a Christian compound (compound meaning a place where armed loonies try to avoid adhering to federal law)? Not because the media told me. The only way I know this is because "Elohim" is a name for God which is often used by these nuts. It has actually been mistranslated to mean "God" when it actually means "dieties" (plural), but that's beside the point.

McVay called these loonies two weeks before the bombing. McVay's attorney is trying to prove that these nuts are somehow involved in the bombing. This is of little concern for me, because either way it was an action by Christians who feel that a Godless government has no right to govern them.

The so-called "Freemen" also feel this way. They don't go to the department of motor vehicles to renew their licenses. Nope. They go to church. That's right, a protestant minister gives them their driver's licenses.

Sure, the media calls them racists; it calls them right-wing; it calls them extremists. But it never calls them Christians. The media is protecting Christianity. It's that simple. Right after the McVay story (on NBC's Dateline), they gave a quick summary about some act of terrorism by Muslim radicals. Why "Muslim" radicals and not "Christian" radicals? Makes you want to barf on Stone Phillips' shoes, doesn't it.

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