Action: British Parliament to debate the American crisis on Friday
by Robert Fisk, 12 September 2001, The Independent UK
Blair has recalled Parliament to debate the US crisis and Britain's invlovement. MPs will question Blair and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

We should all fax our MPs FREE through and let them know a few things:

(a) They should contribute to the debate
(b) They should urge the UK NOT to follow the US lead in revenge attacks.
(c) The reaction to the tragedy is racist and Islamophobic. There is no evidence of Bin Laden's involvement. The rest is just hype and speculation against Arabs and Muslims.
(d) If British Muslims are again alienated by politicians and the media as
they were during the Gulf crisis, then expect more violence in our streets.

We especially need Muslims from Blackburn to write in to their MP Jack Straw.

PLEASE take action. If you don't, then you can't afford to turn around later and complain about the situation.

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