"This American Life"
The award-winning national radio program "This American Life" program broadcast on October 5 featured an extended interview with Roa, an 18-year old Palestinian-American teenager, about her feelings following the September 11 attacks. "This American Life" is heard on NPR stations around the country.

I was also interviewed in the segment analysing how some Palestinians reacted to the attacks. The program description says:

"Current events, told from varying perspectives. A Palestinian teenager explains why she still doesn't believe Muslims could have attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. An Iraqi soldier talks about what it was like to be drafted to fight in Saddam Hussein's army to fight the U.S. in the Persian Gulf. And other stories."

You can hear this program with the RealAudio player at: http://www.thislife.org/ra/196.ram

Roa's story begins approximately 7 minutes into the show.

You can also visit the "This American Life" homepage at: http://www.thislife.org

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