What information is the US Government withholding from the world?
Barbara Olson, television reporter and US Solicitor General Ted Olson's wife, called her husband twice after the plane she was on was hijacked. Several other people made phone calls to their families during this time. A flight attendant apparently managed to give the seat number of one of the hijackers to ground control.

Dis none of these people give any clue as to what the hijackers looked like? Anything - a beard, skin tone, an accent. Did no information of that nature come through?

What happened with the seat number? Who sat in that seat? What was his name? Was it Arab sounding? Was it American? Was it Japanese? Was it Chinese? Did he sound like a Serb?

Why is the US government so quiet about this? Is there something here that will dispel or throw into doubt their theory that bin Laden is responsible? Like for example, clues that the hijackers had American sounding names and that they had American accents - surely, the American government is not likely to readily admit that like McVeigh, there are many home-grown terrorists.

Bin Laden sells news. In an event as humiliating as this for the American intelligence agencies, it is evident they need to give their people SOMEONE to blame. A bogeyman, so to speak. And Americans love to hate the 'Islamic fundamentalist' and love to believe that Bin Laden is the epitome of Muslim fanatics.

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