Canadians speak out for Muslims
by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Staff, 14 September 2001
OTTAWA - Several groups are calling for tolerance toward Canadian Muslims in the wake of Tuesday's terror attacks in New York and Washington.

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions held a news conference in Ottawa Friday to announce a campaign for all Canadians to stand up for Muslim and Arab Canadians.
'It is vital that we come ordinary people.'
"The events of Tuesday are horrible, but have nothing to do with Muslim Canadians," said Kathleen Connors, president of the organization. The group is asking Canadians to take part in a sticker campaign that declares: "Muslim Canadians - We are all Canadians."

The Canadian Labour Congress applauded the campaign announced by the nursing unions.

"It is in difficult times like these, that we must have the public courage to be true to the ideals of solidarity, respect and mutual help that make this country strong," said Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress. "I urge everyone to make it a personal responsibility to protect and promote the respect, safety and well-being of our Muslim or Arab sisters and brothers."

In Toronto, Anglican Archbishop Terence Finlay joined a Muslim prayer group after he attended a memorial service at a downtown cathedral. Later, he was to take part in a multi-faith mourning service at St. James Cathedral.

"In difficult times, it is vital that we come together, not as representatives of a particular religion, but as ordinary people to extend our comfort and support and to pray for peace, healing and reconciliation," Finlay said in a written statement.

The actions come as reports of anti-Muslim incidents grow across the country. They include:

The Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association and Islam in Canada are monitoring attacks against Muslims in Canada. Both organizations urge victims of such attacks to call police and to report the incident to the CMCLA or Islam in Canada.
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