The Biggest Conspiracy of our time
(last updated 15 Sept 2001)
I have absolutely no doubt that this is the biggest conspiracy of our time.

The manner in which the evidence against 'Usama bin Laden and Muslim terrorists' spilt out within hours of the plane crashes, the way Arabic flight manuals, the attack plan and the Quran was found in the back seat of a car at the airport - I find it so hard to believe that a bunch of terrorists who pulled of the most skillful (and horrifying) terrorist attack in American history would do their homework on their way to the airport! This operation took months if not years to plan - only an idiot has to revise at the last moment. And an idiot certainly didn't pull this job off.

Those items were planted. They are typical - Arabic material, Quran, etc. Perfect to nurture the mindset whoever is behind this wants to put the world in.

Also recall, there has been NO mention of any description given by passengers who called their family in the last few seconds of their lives, other than one report from CNN - the news company which has been repeatedly proven as unreliable. Something MORE must have been said - it would have been the first information to come out! Nobody calls his family and avoids the question of WHO IS DOING THIS? They must have mentioned his accent, his skin tone, his nationality, the language he was speaking with his colleagues. Something!

13 Sept 2001

By Mrs. Gulafshan K. Alavi
Muslim Media Forum

As I nervously said 'farewells' to my child's kindergarten teachers two years ago, one of the teacher's aide, Mrs. Graco, said she will specially make a prayer for me 'everytime she sees my plane'. I didn't initially respond because I remember thinking (and saying out loud), "Thank you, please Graco! Please do pray for me".

Then she said, "What's your flight number?" and I quizzically looked at her, saying something like, "I don't really know. But it is Saudi Airlines".

She very casually said, "Oh, I'll find it. As long as I know the airline, I can find the flight number and then I will have your flight on the computer screen till you reach Jeddah for your pilgrimage".

I was now very inquisitive. "What do you mean? You can really be at home and yet monitor the flight?!" I had asked incredulously.

"Yeh", Mrs. Graco said. "I have the software and all. I will punch in the right numbers and you will be on my screen. I will say special prayers."

"Please do, Mrs. Graco. You are so kind. I'll make a special prayer for you, too".

This was all at a time when the Egypt Air plane crash was still fresh in every one's memory. Egypt Air, you will recall, was the subject of discussion for most of the American media. What had happened? How did it crash? Was it a suicide attempt? Why did the Egypt Air pilot/flight engineer sitting in the aisles go into the cock-pit? What was happening in the cockpit? Was there a struggle between the pilots? Or, was the off-duty pilot in the cock-pit trying to help figure out what had suddenly happened to the plane's control system? Had it been jammed? Were they trying to manually control the plane in the end?

Then there were these unanswered questions:

Is this not the same airspace (the northeastern corridor) where another air plane (was it a Swiss Air?) had also mysteriously fallen out of the sky some months earlier? Were there people below who had been playing this crazy game of "Let us jam/control the computers of air planes and watch the show!"

No it cannot be possible! It sounds too crazy to be part of normal thought processes! Nobody would be so cruel and inhuman to do something like this! If there were such people the U.S. government, our government, would find them and get them!

Now we have the WTC calamity! For all of us this must be the worst of times.

First the viciousness of the attack, then the loss of life! Now the accusations that we are somehow involved in this - we, as Muslims, we, as followers of Islam! So we are faced with these times of mourning, add to that the finger-pointing, the physical threats that are already being perpetrated against Muslims in the U.S. by an almost insane media frenzy!

Surely, these must be the worst of times. It is like the nightmare that had thankfully ended in a few days after the Oklahoma City bombing has now returned in waking life with the tag "New! Improved! Longer-Lasting! Family Size! One Million Tons Free!"

May Allah Subhaanao wa Ta'ala have Mercy on us. May Allah Subhaanao wa Ta'ala protect us from the hands of those who consider us enemies. Ameen.

Coming back to the theory of the airplanes being remotely controlled, let us look at the facts. Is it possible, first of all, to do something like that? I know that Mrs. Graco and many ordinary Americans do have access to computer programs that lets them monitor flights while sitting right here at home. We all know that technology has taken such great strides that for now NASA can fix space shuttles and other equipments while sitting in their headquarters millions of miles away. We, as Americans, are proud of these facts. The newer airplanes, which have all been the targets, are also equipped with the computer tracking devices that lets each passenger on board a flight see at what stage their journey is. So the technology has been there.

But what about the pilots of Arab descent on the planes? Many Americans are aware that for scores of years now, the Americans have trained pilots from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Muslim countries. These pilots, or for that matter, any group of Muslims, can be travelling for a real or a 'make believe' meeting, 'briefing', vacation tour, etc. anywhere in the country or abroad.

Many people are right in wondering how would security at the airport allow people of Middle East extract to travel without any reservations, especially two brothers without families, etc. Just a couple of weeks ago, our family was so 'aggressively' checked at the security points at the airports that my husband almost lost his usual cool! In early August, while leaving the U.S. to visit Canada, the American customs overhauled our whole family from the car and let more than half a dozen officers search our cars, as all others stared at us while driving easily through! How could they have not noticed anything 'fishy'? Did these passengers have special cards, special security arrangements made for them because of their known and 'secure' relationship with our government? Were one, or more, of them travelling with their families? Did they believe they were going to a meeting, vacation, etc.?

The training manual in Arabic is one of the obvious ways of 'setting-up' some one. A friend, whose father taught engineering to students in Kuwait, told me that all training was done in English. If these men were hijackers, trained pilots, why would they be checking manuals at the last minute? Then leaving the manuals there? They were smart enough to know how to divert air traffic on one of the busiest air travel corridor in the world, but they had to check manuals before beginning the 'job'?

All these are ideas/thoughts/apprehensions that people are voicing. The role that certain sections of the media is playing is almost 'criminal' - the rush to judgement (as in Oklahoma City bombing), the urging ons of violence against 'Muslims', 'these people', 'Islamic fundamentalists', "Islamists", "Islamic militants", saying things like "pockets of these fanatics are in all parts of the Muslim world and we have to destroy them everywhere (former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in an interview)", and "even if we have to use weapons of mass destruction (the son of Reverend Billy Graham, saying during an interview after the Prayer Service on Friday in Washington!)

What does logic/reason teach us (how difficult it is to use reason when there is so much mass confusion!)? Like a friend of ours said, "If there is a murder, the first person you should suspect is the one who benefits the most from the tragedy".

We all know who is benefiting the most from this calamity, at least for now. It is only the Mercy and Grace of Allah Subhaanao wa Ta'ala that will provide relief for us all, and we beg our One and Unequalled Creator, the Originator of the heavens and the earth to protect us and guide us out of this difficult tragedy. Ameen.

15 Sept 2001

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