Faith in Corporate media is rooted in authoritarianism
by Sarah Bellum, 14 September 2001, The Independent Media Centre
Trust or faith in the corporate media to deliver the goods is rooted in authoritarianism. What gives the "real" media credibility or authority? Why should we trust that they are telling us the truth? Is it because the mainstream press is officialy sanctioned by the government and brought to us by Coca-Cola? After all, the major media outlets ALL have offices at the Pentagon. And of course the Pentagon wouldn't lie to us would they? Are the corporate media more credible because they have the massive capability to broadcast their view of the world across the globe, with the latest in expensive technology? Comfortability with authority is the only thing to explain our passive and uncritical acceptance of their "take" on the world. "Take" being operative here because this seems to be all they want to do. We are in awe of their power and authority, meanwhile dismissing what Jane out on the street with a video camera says because she is not "real media". This is also why we allow Indy reporters to be harassed by the police at demonstrations, while corporate media gets personally escorted for their footage in the back of a squad car. Then they present what the 'authorities' want them to present. This is how it works all the way up to the White House.

I heard Dan Rather the other day saying "if the white house says its under threat then thats it." Meaning that they uncritically report what the govt. officials spew out to them. And to think of questioning them would be equal to heresy and being "un-american".

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