Politicians befooling Americans, says author
The Dawn, 16 September 2001
HAMBURG, Sept 15: US author Susan Sontag on Saturday accused politicians and the media of deception and misinformation in the aftermath of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the United States, saying that most statements add to the dumbing down of American society.

In an article appearing in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sontag said that both the media and politicians were running a joint campaign to describe Tuesday's assault as a cowardly attack against freedom and civilisation.

The fact that the attack could be a result of the politics and actions of the US, the self-proclaimed superpower of the world, was being neglected, Sontag wrote, adding that many Americans were not aware that their country was still bombing Iraq.

Sontag also called air raids cowardly, but said that terrorists who were prepared to die to kill others were anything but cowards.

Sontag also criticised US President George W. Bush, who assured his country that the situation was under control. Nothing was under control, Sontag said.dpa

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