Israelis Now Feel More Sure of American Support
This is a zionist propaganda piece. As you can see, it will be the zionists who will most benefit from yesterday's events, which makes one wonder if it was not they who committed this hideous act. Think about the timing.  There was a whole host of pro-Palestine activities coming up this month and next and the world was beginning to at least listen a bit to the Palestinian narrative of their sufferings under the zionist regime. Now, this has all been destroyed and the zionists are going to use this to their advantage for years to come. You will hear news of more murders of Palestinians in the next few weeks and nobody will oppose this zionist bloodletting. Eleven Palestinians have been murdered in the past 24 hours alone, some of them children. No one will raise a voice of objection on their behalf today......

In addition, Muslim's civil liberties will be violated in the US and they will have no one to complain, other than Allah, because the authorities will not listen to them in this climate of hysteria and hatred towards anyone of the Islamic faith.

Israelis Feel More Sure of American Support
Lee Hockstader Washington Post Service
Wednesday, September 12, 2001

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