The media's selective coverage
What disturbs me so greatly is that ALL of the news services I receive: BBC News 24, CNN, SKYNEWS, and ITN News have taken the time and trouble to show a clip, amidst a barrage of images of an exploding World Trade Centre, a group of celebrating Palestinians, and have totally deliberately promoted a very vivid impression to millions of viewers that every single Palestinian is celebrating and dancing on the murdered corpses of innocent Americans. This is in keeping with what we have learnt to expect; a shocking misrepresentation and vilification of the entire Palestinian people, and is hardly surprising. Even more profoundly disturbing was the simplistic declaration of war by Ehud Barak on BBC Newsnight. He stated firstly that he believed the attack had nothing to do with the existence of Israel; he then continued to launch a scathing attack on Arafat and talked of the refusal of Arafat to take the peace offer proposed by Israel. Basically he contradicted himself within one minute, and his excited thought processes betrayed him. He showed every indication of having full blown war psychosis. Following this Tony Blair talked of eradicating this 'evil' from the world. Only Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal democrats showed any restraint in his use of language and an understanding that there is an specific underlying cause to this tragedy and a means to prevent further disaster and mayhem.

Unfortunately among those who wield power it seems that simplistic polarised views, and dichotomous thinking have become more polorised and increasingly dichotomous. I wait in dread to see where 'Bunker Bush' will unleash his dogs of war.

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