Who crashed the planes?
A Statement From The National Lawyers Guild
The media immediately began quoting their expert liars, but there is no evidence whatsoever at present who is behind the airplane crashes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Who had reason for the attacks?

1.  The FBI and Mossad, acting either together or separately, have the most to gain from the attacks:  the abolition of civil liberties in the U.S., which make it possible for Americans to criticize U.S. government support for Zionism; and the generation of anti-Arab hysteria that will make it possible for Israel to massacre the still surviving Palestinians without the criticism from the U.S. government and media, about which Israeli supporters have been complaining lately.  Furthermore, whipping up a war is the most effective way American presidents know to reverse an economic recession. Indeed, only the U.S. regime and the government of Israel have anything at all to gain from the attacks.

2.  Islamic or Arab fanatics who have lost all hope of justice in the Middle East and now seek only revenge against the country that makes possible the continuing mass murder of their children and confiscation of their homes. It is plain that the attacks are intended only to make a diplomatic statement, for they do not achieve any military purpose.

Violence is the technique of the strong who are too arrogant to exercise power humanely, or of the weak who are too hopeless to seek anything other than revenge.  Either way, the plane attacks show the stupidity of pretending that we can address local problems without regard to how our government abuses human rights abroad.

John Wheat Gibson
Texas-Oklahoma Region Co-Vice President
National Lawyers Guild
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