Russian MP claims US carried out September 11 attacks
Ananova News, 9 October 2001
An outspoken Russian MP says he believes America is responsible for the September 11 attacks. Vladimir Zhirinovsky claims the US carried out the attacks to maintain world domination. He made the remarks at a Nato parliamentary conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Zhirinovsky, a former Russian presidential candidate, is known for his inflammatory statements. "The United States is responsible. All the terror has been organised by the United States. Osama (bin Laden) had nothing to do with it," he said.

Speaking through an interpreter, he added: "The United States, in order to consolidate its efforts and to produce a coalition, needed to have some sort of provocation in order to invoke Article 5 of the Nato treaty. It is a new political technology to keep domination in the world."

Zhirinovsky says the war against terrorism is phoney and has been triggered by an unstable US dollar, oil prices and a military industrial complex that "needs an enemy".

"In the 20th century, there were some symbols to fight against, like fascism and communism," he said. "They don't exist any more. Now they have found such a symbol, which is terrorism, which has no borders, which has no time limits."

He believes the Americans could capture bin Laden if they wanted to, reports the Winnipeg Sun.

"They got what they wanted. They consolidated the international community, the Nato alliance. They've got political and financial dividends from the situation," he said.

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