'Team-B' Targets Bush-Powell
President George Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell are under increasing fire from highly-placed lobbyists for Israel who want the United States to launch an all-out global war against the Muslim world
By Michael Collins Piper, The American Free Press, 29 October 2001
A story in The New York Times, widely reprinted in newspapers across the United States, confirms a report in American Free Press on Oct. 8 that, in the words of the Times, "a tight-knit group of Pentagon officials and defense experts outside government is working to mobilize support for a military operation to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein as the next phase of the war against terrorism."

Times writers Elaine Sciolino and Patrick E. Tyler said the group, "which some in the State Department and on Capitol Hill refer to as the 'Wolfowitz cabal,' " (after its leader, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz) has "largely excluded the State Department, where Secretary of State Colin Powell has adamantly argued that such an attack would destroy the international coalition that Bush has assembled."

In the meantime, President Bush and Powell are facing an uprising among supporters of Israel in Congress who support the "Wolfowitz cabal."

The Oct. 19 issue of Forward, an influential Jewish weekly, reported that Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) defiantly declared that "Israel is not going to be sacrificed for the war on terrorism" and that Brett Heimov, an aide to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) had charged that while "there hasn't been a real selling out of Israel" that "they [Bush and Powell] are waiting for that excuse and it hasn't quite come yet." Forward also reported that an unnamed House staff member alleged that the Bush administration is giving Israel "the cold shoulder" by supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state and by attempting to build bridges to the Arab and Muslim worlds.

The refusal by Bush and Powell to blame Iraq for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has left Israel's supporters in Congress and in the "Wolfowitz cabal" scrambling to generate support by both the public and in government policy-making circles for an all-out attack on Iraq-and then the remaining Muslim states that Israel perceives to be enemies to survival.

While the Times report admitted that "Both Powell and Vice President Dick Cheney have said there is no evidence linking Iraq to the attacks" of Sept. 11, Wolf owitz and his allies, such as Richard Perle, a member of the Defense Policy Board-described as "a prestigious bipartisan board of national security experts that advises the Pentagon,"-are promoting "the need to turn to Iraq as soon as the initial phase of the war against Afghanistan and bin Laden and his organization is over."

Amazingly, a two-day series of meetings of the Defense Policy Board, which included Wolfowitz and Perle, did not even brief Powell despite the saber-rattling tone underlying the board's efforts.

The Times reported that Powell was "surprised" and "quite distressed" to learn that the president's deputy national security advisor, Stephen Hadley, inserted what was described as "a far-reaching sentence" into a letter sent to the United Nations Security Council threatening possible action against Iraq and other na tions that Wolfowitz, Perle and their allies are alleging are sponsors of terrorism.

What the Times writers did not mention are the following facts about Wolfowitz and Perle re ported by AFP based on the pioneering investigative work of the late Spotlight correspondent Andrew St. George:
Perle is perhaps the singular driving force behind a closely-knit group (including Wolfowitz) whose origins in the modern-day national security establishment go back to the 1970s when Perle was a top aide to the late Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D-Wash.).

Not only was Perle a key "inside" player on behalf of the Israeli lobby on Capitol Hill, but he also played a critical part in the selection of a formal body-officially known as "Team B"-that functioned as a purportedly "independent" advisory council on intelligence estimates relating to Soviet aims and capabilities.

In fact, the members of Team B were bound by their determination to make literally every aspect of U.S. foreign policy geared toward policies that would prove beneficial to Israel.
Solid evidence compiled over the years by a variety of independent researchers in and out of government indicates that Team B exaggerated Soviet influence.

Team B's purpose in so doing was to advance the theory that Israel was vital to U.S. defense against the Soviets and that Israel therefore needed vast infusions of U.S. tax dollars.
Today Wolfowitz and Perle, working with a "war party" connected to the circles spawned by "Team B," are using the new war on terrorism to force the military to carry out a geopolitical agenda that not only represents the interests of a foreign nation-Israel-but which could also be dangerous to America's interests abroad.

Joining Wolfowitz and Perle as the self-appointed publicist for the "war party" is Perle's fellow Bilderberg member, William Kristol, publisher of The Weekly Standard, a "conservative" journal owned by Rupert Mur doch, a longtime media front man for the allied fi nancial interests of the powerful Rothschild and Bronfman families and other patrons of Israel.

Wolfowitz, Perle and Kristol propose broadening the targets of the war on terrorism to include not only Iraq, but also the Arab Republic of Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran-a formula for a global conflagration that would unite 400 million followers of the Islamic faith against the United States.

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