Disunity over Eid Date Reflects More
by Abu Bakar

Praise be to Allah for guiding us into the religion of Islam. I hope and pray that we will live and die as good Muslims who follow the Qurían and the Sunnah of our beloved and last Prophet, peace be upon him.

As you know that we talk to people differently. When we are behind our closed doors with our families, we tend to talk more directly as when we talk to other people outside of the family. We talk to all with respect and dignity of course.

Since we are one family of Islam, this email tend to be more family to family. I will try to get to the point as clearly as possible.

At the end of Ramadan, I was sad and happy at the same time. I was happy for this special occasion and celebration. I was sad to see a minority of Muslims in my city celebrating the Eid on Friday while the majority celebrated on Saturday. It is devastating to see our community splitting on such a special occasion within one city they live in.

I have heard Sheikh Yousuf Qaradawi, a world-renowned scholar, on his weekly program on the Al-jazeera TV channel (http://www.aljazeera.net) encouraging Muslim communities to stick and unite with Muslims around them and donít follow another country, which is far, really far from them.

As you all know that we donít pray our daily prayers based on the time of Saudi Arabia. We also do not break our fasting based on the Egyptian or Syrian time. Then, why splitting the community by following another country on the start and the end of the blessed month of Ramadan?

I have also spoken to Dr. Jamaal Badawi, a well known Muslim scholar, he was with the opinion of Sheikh Yousuf Qaradawi and he celebrated the Eid on Saturday.

We should understand that Muslims are one group. They are united on all major and fundamental principles. They all believe in Allah; they believe in all prophets from Adam to Mohammed, peace be upon them; they believe in one Book: the Glorious Qurían, they face the holy Kaíba in their prayers, and so  on.

There are minor issues, however, which our scholars have different opinions about them, out of Mercy of Allah on us. Allah didnít forget those minor issues but He didnít want to make everything rigid on us.

There are groups, however, who have clearly deviated from the path of Islam such as Qadiyanis, Ismailis and other lost ones who have turned away from the teachings of our religion. These groups  are out of Islam, of course.

I would like to appeal to Muslims firstly and foremost to learn their religion. They should understand its teaching. They should have respect to their scholars. And they should unite with Muslims and STOP accusing others with Sufi, Salafi, Tablighi, and other terminologies which they could hardly understand its meaning.

There are many waste-of-time and meaningless discussions circulating around using terminologies to divide our community these days.

I encourage any Muslim when asked if he/ she is Salafi, Tablighi, Wahhabi or other terminologies to respond wisely by saying: I am a Muslim.

Why donít we unite brothers/ sisters especially on these historical and annual occasions at least in the city and the region we live in?

Donít you see that we have enough problems around the globe? Donít you see that we are slaughtered and butchered almost everywhere on the planet, our women are raped and our children and elders are crying everywhere while we are busy on minor issues such as who is salafi and sufi?

Innaa Lillaahi wa innaa Ilayhi Raajiun. May Allah increase our knowledge in His religion and unite our hearts and remove the ignorance, hatred and narrow-mindness from our minds.

I sincerely apologize if I have offended anyone. If I did, it was unintentional.

Your brother in faith

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