A Good Critique of Secularism
In many countries nowadays (esp. in the west) secularism is touted as the most fair way to balance what groups of people believe is right and the truth, and the ruling over them by practical means. If you tried to implement different laws to different people a crisis would appear. Groups will gravitate to their own communities and set up their own "virtual mini-states" within the state.

This is obviously an untenable situation. Such a scenario would be ripe for fragmentation. So, what is required is some unifying system that everyone can agree on (or rather, agree to disagree on) so that a large community of people can be effectively controled and ruled over.

We see this applied in countries like the US, the former soviet union, Indonesia and probably in the future, Europe where there are numerous groups, many at odds with each other regarding this very fundamental problem of right and wrong and justice. And this needed "magic bullet" is seen as secularism. Basically, what it says is that, we agree to have our own beliefs but we shall keep that at a personal level and so should you. So, to keep us together, we shall agree on a system of law that is "fair" to you and to us. And this ruling system is invariably democracy, worldwide.

However, there are some very fundamental flaws in secularism and democracy. And this is the issue of right and wrong itself. The issue of fairness and justice. Who decides what? How do we decide? Each group in the state will have their own notions of right and wrong. For example, staunch christians wont want to legalize prostitution. But liberals would. So who's right? In the secular system, we all have to agree to suspend our own (groups') notion of right and wrong and debate these issues together to come up with the laws that we will use to govern ourselves.

This is done in democratic nations in institutions like parliament, senate, council of lords etc. Laws are proposed and debated and if the majority votes approve then it is passed or rejected if the opposite happens. So, what this means in practice is that, if your group is small, and your views are at odds with the majority, you will have to swallow the knife and suffer the indignities that result. If you want to stay on in that country of course. This happens to Muslim communities all over the world this very day.

The problem with this is that, we must agree that all our beliefs share the same level of truth-ness. That is, even though my beliefs are different from yours, they are at the same level of rightness and importance. So, Christian beliefs are at the same level as Satanic Worship, which is at the same level as Hedonism, which is the same level as Atheism, which is the same level as Islam. (nauzubillah!!!) But this is what secularism _is_ and _demands_ if you wish to use it.

So, in a secular democratic country (which every country seems to be falling over themselves to be) if it so happens that the group of Satanic Worshippers become the majority, then laws that are more inline with their beliefs will be passed in parliament! And all other groups will have to abide by them. Even if you are at odds with it.

This is why you see countries with even a significant number of Muslims, riba is allowed, pigs are farmed in the millions and alcohol is available to one and all. This is even easier understood when you recall that these apparent Muslim countries have been colonized and indoctrined with the 'proper' attitude regarding the place of religious beliefs. That held by the kuffar. So we get to the situation where the Muslims themselves _prefer_ to rule by kufr than to refer to the Sharia - which is seen (and made to seem) outmoded or backward.

So now we need to answer the fundamental question. Who truly has the right to determine what is right and what is wrong? According to secular views, it is Man himself since his beliefs are all 'equal' no matter how opposite they are. So no one single view from a single group should be taken since this would be unfair on the other groups. So only the majority's opinions would be 'fair'. However, here we come to the main problem. Is Man _capable_ of the task?

To decide on laws governing humans, you will need tremendous knowledge about the human condition, mentality, human interactions and interdependence between each other as well as the environment and the nature of Man itself. Can we claim this? Even the best minds in all the related fields agree that our knowledge of those fields can only barely scratch the surface and never will really get the whole picture. So we try our best? Is this a fair and just course of action? Obviously not. (recall the above Satanic Worshippers scenario). Left to his own devices, Man will always follow his instincts and dream up all sorts of ways to satisfy them whatever the cost even if it is against their very nature!

Like what? Try homosexuality. It is totally against human nature. It serves no purpose whatsoever. Homosexuals cannot propagate the species, thats obvious. But, you see in the west, if you speak against this, _you_ become the evil one. The 'bad guy'. You are the one labeled as intolerant and unfair! Such ridiculous situations can only arise when there is no set rules or basis for laws but where humans can make up their own. What is right and wrong can change as time goes on - even though the nature of humans and their needs do not - as they have not in all human history.

And so we come to Islam. When you think about it, Islam is the only ideology that could _ever_ be truly fair and just. Why? Because it's not human imagination or his own whims and desires. Islamic Sharia comes from the Creator. The only one, really, that could (and should) be trusted to be truly fair and just! This is only common sense! (which apparently, isn't so common)

Only the Creator of Man, the universe and everything could truly possess all the knowledge required to know what is truly right and what is truly wrong and what is good and what is bad. And this was witnessed first hand by Muslim and non-Muslim alike during the time Khilafah was around (and InsyaAllah, again soon). This, I think is the only explanation for such phenomena as the Christian dhimma who fought alongside the Muslims to repel the invading Christian Crusaders in times past! They witnessed first hand the justice and fairness that Islam brings, compared to the oppression of the feudal lords and kings of the so-called Christian world.

InsyaAllah, we shall show the world again, the light of Islam in practice and they can compare it to their oppressive systems of capitalism and democracy. (The oppression of which is highlighted in the report posted by the brother below.)

So we see in the world today, wherever there are Muslims and these oppressive systems are implemented over them, there are problems. And there will always _be_ problems - since the differences inherent within the kufr systems and the Islamic creed are so fundamental! Any semblence of 'law and order' (or illusion of such) can only be enforced by more oppressive laws and equally oppressive governments and police and/or army. (go to any Muslim country for examples, from Uzbekistan to Turkey to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia and Malaysia).

Muslims (and non-Muslims, for that matter) will only truly find peace and tranquility in Al-Khilafah, the one and only Islamic State. Allah only wants the best for us. Which is why, He ordained the divinely inspired system of Khilafah as implemented by Rasulullah and the Khulafa Arrashideen. He(swt) knows what is best for us, after all!

Ya Allah, grant us Al-Khilafah in our life-time! Ameen!

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