Muslims are increasingly placing importance upon the fundamentals of Islam - faith, praying five times a day, reading the Quran, etc. Islam is a way of life. I would like to highlight certain issues that are important ways of putting faith to practice.

Many of us forget what charity stands for in Islam. Many donate money to mosques and religious schools, which Mashallah are blessed acts. But donating money, for many, is like donating something that most of us can more than easily give. Charity is more than monetary. A sacrifice is most meaningful when it requires effort and a little compromising and accommodation on our part, for the sake of Islam, God and eleviation of the suffering that others go through.

How about we try doing more of the following:

Donate our Time...

Donating money is hardly difficult for a person who can afford it. Can we however, afford to donate something even more precious perhaps - like time for example? Instead of sending a cheque to the mosque or the orphanage can we perhaps take the time to help in the administration of the mosque, in its maintenance, spending a day with the orphans, helping out or even voluntarily teaching at religious schools.

Save a Life...

I used to be really afraid of needles but I overcame my fear because I knew I could help save the lives of people who were dying or suffering. Not only will this person be very grateful to you, his/her family will be too. Inshallah, you can help save their loved one.

Giving a second chance at life to a person could mean so many things. Maybe he/she will one day grow up to be a great leader. Maybe the second chance at life will give him a chance to embrace Islam. Maybe he will be a great asset to spreading Islam and helping the underprivileged people around the world. You never know. Imagine yourself in their shoes.

Blood Donation...

Read, Is blood or organ donation permissable?

There is a severe shortage in blood donation all around the world. For example, in Singapore only 1.5% of the entire population donate blood. The percentage of Muslim blood donation is even smaller. Blood donation is completely halal because it harms neither the donor nor the recipient. (Source: MUIS, Muslim Authority of Singapore)

Who can donate blood?

  • Age between 18 and 60 years for most countries
  • Healthy bodyweight
  • No contagious diseases
  • What is the Procedure like? How will my Blood be Used?

    It is processed to its components, which may be used as follows:

    How do I know I'm in good Hands?
  • Use of sterile, disposable needles and plastic bags, used once and then discarded, along with other required precautionary measures.
  • Bone Marrow Donor...

    Another special way to save a life is by registering yourself as a bone-marrow donor. Visit the Bone Marrow Donation Page. The laws and requirements for Blood donation may differ from country to country; please inquire with your local authority.

    Kidney Donor...

    Write to the National Kidney Foundation in your state, country and sign up as an organ donor. If you die of an accident, your kidney can be transplanted into a patient losing his life due to the failure of his own organs. Also, registering yourself as an organ donor entitles you to high priority on the list of patients waiting for transplants, if you should one day need one. Please read this excellent article on organ transplants.

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