Muslims in the United States

Islam is especially growing in the United States. However, it is difficult to generalize about American Muslims. They are converts, immigrants, factory workers and doctors. This varied community is unified by a common faith, underpinned by a nationwide network of a large number of masjids (mosques).  Muslims arrived early in North America, the first mosque being built in North Dakota in the 1920's.  By the eighteenth century there were many Muslims in North America. Great numbers of born Americans have entered the fold of Islam. They are from different classes; the rich, the poor, the educated and the illiterate. Today, there are over five and a half million Muslims in the United States1 and some accounts have Islam as the second largest religion in the United States, surpassing even Judaism in its numbers2.

Further, it may be appropriate to point out an important indication of the truth of Islam. It is well known that in the United States Islam is the fastest-growing religion.  The following are some observations on this phenomenon:

This phenomenon indicates that Islam is truly a religion from God (Allah).  It is unreasonable to think that so many American converted to Islam without careful consideration and deep contemplation before concluding that Islam is true.  These Americans came from different classes, races and walks of life.  They include scientists, professors, philosophers, journalists, doctors, nurses, teachers, artists, lawmakers, chefs, laborers, and every other sort of person imaginable.


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All information on this page is taken from Understanding Islam and the Muslims which is from the Islamic Affairs Department of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington D.C. and A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam by I. A. Ibrahim, published by Darussalam, Houston, TX.

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