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    What are the requirements of a Non-Muslim who wishes to convert?

    Every person is born a Muslim because we are all created by God. Therefore, a preferred term would be reversion rather than conversion. A non-Muslim becomes a Muslim when he believes in his heart : "There is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger" Hence, belief in the Unity and Oneness of God and that Muhammad is his Messenger makes one a Muslim at heart. Recommended steps:

    Is it compulsory for a Non-Muslim man to be circumcised upon conversion?

    A boy who has not attained puberty must be circumcised when his family converts to Islam. Circumcision is optional for a man above the age of puberty. But he who opts not to be circumcised should regularly clean the area underneath the foreskin of his penis because, in Islam, cleanliness of the body is obligatory for performing prayers.

    Why is adopting a Muslim name so important upon conversion?

    Two important reasons are given below, but otherwise, adopting a Muslim name is not necessary.

    Can reverts retain their previous names?

    Yes he/she certainly can do so. Here are examples of names of people who have converted:

    Hassan Guy Eaton previously known as Guy Eaton, Ruke Aldeen Smith, Aisha Gouverneur, Abdel Rashid Skinner, Ahmed Holt, Murad Aldeen, Ibrahim Hewitt, Ahmad Bullock, Ahmed Thomson, Jodi Anway, Mohammadzadeh, Susan Elsayyad, Jamilah Kolocotronis Jitmoud

    How Long Does it Take for a Convert to be a full-fledged Muslim?

    A person becomes a Muslim upon pronouncing the shahadah in front of two adult Muslim witnesses. A Muslim has to do the daily prayers, fast in Ramadan and apply the teachings of Islam in his daily life. But if a revert is unable to do all the prayers immediately after his conversion, he should try to do those he could. However, he should aim to be a practicing Muslim as soon as possible in order not to miss out in the race to accumulate blessings.

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