The so-called War on Terror
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General Information
  • Karen Armstrong on "Islamic Terrorism"
  • What Does Fundamentalism Really Mean?
  • There is no Compulsion in Religion
  • This is Jihad - not Terrorism
  • Position of Islamic scholars on terrorism
  • FBI statistics on Global and domestic terrorism
  • "How Britain betrayed me"
  • Violence Against Innocents Violates Islamic Law, Imam Siraj Wahhaj testifies
  • Report cites 'Toronto National Post' as Worst Offender
  • Is Islam really a Religion of Terror?
  • Fundamentalism: Are Muslims the Only ones to Blame?
  • Violence, Christianity and Islam
  • Who are the most enduring Terrorists?
  • "Islamic terrorism" helps justify Clinton's defense spending
  • The World's worst Terrorists are based in Washington
  • Letter to the Straits Times on the biased portrayal of violence in Maluku Islands, Indonesia
  • The Times, UK: Terrorists in Thailand were Christians but why won't the media use words like Christian fundamentalists or Christian terrorists?
  • Washinton Post - Chechnya: A Massacre Beyond Comparison
  • Independant UK - Chechnya: Russia 'planned Chechen war before bombings'
  • Islam and the West: Who is the Terrorist?
  • Sudanese Bombing - CLINTON EXPOSED!!
  • Media Protects Christian Terrorism - Oklahoma Bombing
  • Should the West do more to understand Islam?
  • The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West: An American Case Study  

  • Americans, could you adopt these babies?
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