In Defence of the Taliban

This message was found at the Introduction to islam Yahoo Club. It was copied and sent to be by a Muslim brother. Please take a few moments to read it. In our race to defend Islam and separate it from all bad reputation, we often don't stop to consider the possibility that the bad light in which the media portrays the Taliban may not be truw true. Perhaps some of it is, perhaps none of it is...either way, we will be answerable for not presenting all viewpoints - for and against the Taliban since we cannot verify the situation ourselves.

Salaam Alaikum~

A while back I received a wonderful defense written by a friend of a friend in reference to the media's vast exaggeration of the situation in Afghanistan and their hatred towards the soldiers of Allah. I sent it to a friend of mine, who is the founder of the Muslim Woman mailing list and she dispursed it to the whole mailing list MashAllah.

Also, recently there was an email going around which Muslims were sending out which talked more about how bad the Taliban were. This made me very angry. Our own Muslims are going against the Taliban, when all they are doing is trying to create an Islamic society amongst their people. Anyway, the following defense should really help in your cause to dispel the myths that the media portrays about the Taliban.

Don't worry sis, the truth is ALWAYS revealed and falsehood is ALWAYS abandoned, in the end. I hope this helps. It is written by someone who goes by the name of Shibli. It is kind of long so it will most likely go onto another post if it doesn't fit.

As-salaamu `alaykum-

I beg to differ. First of all, I had to struggle through the show (in reference to a recently aired story against the Taliban on national TV in the USA) eyeing the cookies on the table because it was so retarded and boring.

Second,it completely misrepresented the situation in Afghanistan. After the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan the greedy warlords implanted in Afghanistan by the U.S.A., Russia, Pakistan and India vied with each other for rule of Afghanistan. In the process hundreds of thousands of civilians were massacred and a solid slave trade was established between Afghanistan and Punjab where young girls were kidnapped (often on their way to school) and sold in neighboring Pakistan where they were to become prostitutes and/or concubines.

Rabbani, Masood, Dostum, Hekmatyar, and the minority Shi'ite groups of Hezb e Wahadat, and Abdul Ali Mazari turned Afghanistan into hell on earth. Then in 1993 a group of students from the Islamic Madrassas of the Pakhtun tribal areas of the neighboring "Pakhtunistan" autononomous region in Pakistan (also called NWFP by the Brittish) rallied behind a veteran of the Afghan/Russian war, Mohammad Omar.

They chose the name "Taliban" meaning "students" because they had no political affiliation other then learning Islam.

They took the country at alarming speed and were the first to give freedom of religion to the Shafi'i, Hanbali, and Maliki Arabs residing in mostly Hanafi Afghanistan. They were also the first to illegalize Shi'ite practices involving cursing the Prophet's (s) companions and certain family members. They were the first group in the past 100 years to take Afghanistan without a single rape. Not even their opponents could document a single case.

Women were initially forbidden from going to school because there was a war. We Muslims tend to be really, really stupid and impractical at times. Why were girls walking to school in the middle of a war when the streets are littered with mercenaries, many of whom were brigands with materialistic motives?

A young girl brings a high price in neighboring Pakistan. So the whole time while women were being kidnapped, raped, murdered,and sold from 1979-1993 no one peeped a word or bothered making episodes on television.

I never saw an episode of Diff'rent Strokes in which Arnold complained to Mr. Drummond about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan or the sweeping violations of human rights therein.

Now a group comes and take over 90% of the country at a rate which no one understands with NO foreign support. They have eliminated crime completely in all the territories they have stabilized under their control. Even their worst opponents throughout the world can't document a single rape case.

In their despair to find such a case the Hazaras (Mongoloid shi'ite minority) reported a case in which a nurse complained of stomach pains and they said she must have been raped. Her name was not recorded nor was the incident even documented. It was a word of mouth story but it is so rigorously circulated.

So how come I never heard anything for over 10 years when Afghanistan was being raped, murdered and plundered.....but now that Shari`ah is established and women must wear chedor (full body Persian garment) and stay indoors (only in the enemy frontier provinces) everyone is up in arms? Why is that?

So the 15 years of rape, plunder and murder were okay...but noooooooooooooooooooo those darned extremist Tally-bans are tryin to keep women from going to school! How dare they! [sarcasm]

Have we all forgotten what an Islamic state would look like? Men would grow beards and not look so GQ. They would have to lower their gaze in the street and not talk so freely with women. Women would be covered from head to toe. Sorry if you don't like that...but that is Islam..take it or leave apologies.

To quote that blonde lady who plays the mother in that show 7thHeaven, "They are literally wiping out the female population of Afghanistan".

Excuse me? This is such a massive distortion of the facts I am sure it even made the CIA laugh. The only people complaining about the situation in Afghanistan are the Hazara and other shi'ite minorities because they are forbidden to play their curses of Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman on loud Speakers in the streets on Friday. They can't beat themselves bloody during Moharram anymore. They can't have 1 hour long "muta`ah" temporary marriages. These rules have really ticked them off. They are the only ones complaining aside from the modernists and secularists in Afghanistan.

When I went for Hajj in 98 I spoke with many Afghans (pashtoons as well as farsi-wans) who praised the Taliban and said they are the best thing that happened to Afghanistan. They had no reason to fear telling me the truth in Saudi Arabia where there was no threat of repurcussion. They are the only leadership on earth who have literally said "to hell with you" to the entire world in order to protect their Muslim brother whom we all know has been living there for the past few years all the while eagerly hunted by the CIA, FBI, Mossad, ISI, etc. They have endured tomahawk missles, constant infiltration and interference, the foreign support of their enemies (recently U.S. and Israeli commandos landed in Pakistan to train the enemies of the Taliban...documented fact), complete and absolute isolation from the rest of the world including the few gulf countries that initially supported them, simply to defend and protect one man....who isnt even that rich compared the U.S. and gulf countries whos support they completely threw away without hesitation.

If we Muslims don't know the facts and don't defend the soldiers of Allah who live only to make Allah's law supreme on earth.....who will? Allah says in the surat al Hujoorat that when you hear news...verify it...lest you cause injury to the ummah without knowledge.

was-salaamu `alaykum.

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