Domestic Violence exists in all quarters of society. This section was created to specifically address domestic violence within Muslim communities. This is not to say that domestic violence is a Muslim problem. A woman is beaten up every 9 seconds in America. See Domestic Violence in the West.

There are two categories of guilty people: 
1. The ones who inflict the physical and mental abuse. In most cases, the father and husband. 
2. The ones who try to hide the fact that people belonging to category 1, do exist. 

These people are men and sadly, women too.

It is naive at best and irresponsible at worst, to claim that domestic violence does not exist in our communities. Denying it does not make it go away.

When this section first went online, several people complained: "I was a bit mad at that time when Isaw the site that you had. The site could make people believe that Muslims are violent as the western media has deliberately done this against Muslims." (from someone who used the nickname servant of God)

Firstly, are you going to let your sisters suffer in silence while you insist on proving the media wrong at all costs? Secondly, this has nothing to do with the media. Muslim men are beating their wives next door to you and me. Denial is hypocritical and Non-Muslims are not stupid. 

If you know how to alleviate torment, but you don't help alleviate it, you become one of the tormentors.

Assalamu Alaikum Sister, Congratulations on your initiative! I had been wanting to do something for a long time regarding the subject of domestic violence in Muslim homes...being the victim of 8 years of severe physical and verbal attacks by my Muslim husband. In spite of the fact that I had been told by several 'scholars' that I didn't have the right to divorce him...he would have to divorce me...I left him anyway after declaring Talaat Talaat Talaat. two languages! I write for several Islamic publications.....I will also try and get a story together for you of how I survived long enough to get I left and how I am doing now...I work from home, halal work, Alhamdulillah and others can do it too. No one should have to live in those conditions. It's emotionally and physically dibilitating. I had a very hard time in coming to terms with my moral obligation to my husband, I prayed for the guidance to do the right thing in front of Allah...and just one day after about 7 years I just said after reading Qur'an for some answer.. I realized Allah did not intend for us to suffer in this way for someone else's sickness."I planned my work and worked my plan" and Alhamdulillah, He is taking care of me. It is a struggle to go through but the benefits are immeasurable. My life is peaceful and I'm not tense all the time waiting to be beaten, humiliated, and degraded and then supposed to be 'sexy'. Alhamdullilah, I am free to be! Thank you for doing is exceptional and courageous work on your part. May the blessings of Allah be upon you for your strengh of character, Inshallah. Cordially and salaams. Layla.
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