"You're American? Oh, your husband must be from the Middle East."
"But you weren't raised that way"
"You better watch out for those men, I saw that movie."
"But it's not you, I know you better"
"Why are you trying to look like an Arab?"
"It's the 90's, you don't have to dress that way, modernize."
"Aren't you hot with all those clothes on."

"That's Enough Already"

I am an American Christian raised woman. At the age of 23 I started learning about Islam, and eventually became Muslim (All thanks and praise to Allah). As a teenager and on into my 20's, I always made sure I looked my best, and actually I was voted best looking girl by my senior high school class. Full face of make-up, perfect hair, and always the clothes in trend. I had the best looking sports car, a great paying job as a hair designer, and I was always looking to have a good time. I was an independent woman, and was never questioned about any decisions I made, or criticized about anything I did.

When I became Muslim all that changed. Suddenly every one had something to say, I heard it all. I was no longer thought off as being able to use my adult mind the same way again. I was brain-washed, or I was doing it to please my husband. ("You can't change a person ." isn't that a common saying?)

As a Christian, I was religious on Sunday mornings for an hour, or when the lottery numbers were being picked I would pray -"please God let me win", or when a loved one was hurt I would try to make a deal with God. And ofcourse on holidays.

I am 28 now, and Islam is a way of life, my way of living. Everything I do, every minute of my day is now done differently. Especially, I pray 5 times a day . Believe me, you can not pretend to be a Muslim. These days I live a simple, peaceful, very moral life. I have no stress, no worries. My husbands' duty is to make sure I'm well cared for, and to provide for me. I am able to stay home and take care of my son according to my standards, not a baby-sitter's. I couldn't trade in his smiles for a pay check, his smiles are my pay. I read, I sew, I relax, and I have plenty of time to prepare fresh home cooked meals for my family.

Oppressed ? Yes, I was oppressed last week , when my cordless phone broke and I had to use a regular one. I wouldn't change my life now for anything. And if I was to divorce my husband, SURPRISE, I'm still going to practice Islam in the same manner I do now.

So if you are a friend or a family member of a convert to Islam, instead of being negative or against it, try to understand and respect the persons new way of life. And remember we are Islam. There is no question that will embarrass nor offend us. These people who are great scholars of Islam because they saw a movie, are not the correct source of telling you about my life.

I saw a few movies about Italians, so should I assume all Italian men are in the Mafia, deal drugs, kill people, and have girl friends on the side? NO!

Believe me, I have a lot more to write about my hardships and hassles of being a Muslim. None of which pertains to the religion itself, but to what even perfect strangers have said or done to me.

Oh yeah, did I mention I was also voted MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED by my high school senior class.

I feel as though I have.


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