Sexual Harrassment of Muslim women

Women are sexually violated and harassed in all societies. I have created this section Inshallah, to address this problem within Muslim communities in particular. Especially because Muslim women tend to be more reluctant to report such incidences, instead, letting it eat away at them.

Sexual harrassment is rampant in Non-Muslim communities as well. To see what is going on, please visit "Liberated Modern Woman?" However, I do believe that more women are able and willing to report or lodge complaints in these societies.

As a religion and way of life, Islam offers the most priviledges to the woman and her rights as a human being equal to man. There is a small minority of sleazeballs among Muslims. These men give a bad name to Islam and the majority of good Muslim men. Muslim men should be the LAST people on this earth to commit molestation and rape. God commands both women and men to lower their gaze. What is the use of women wearing the veil, besides the blessings God gives to those who follow His instructions, if some Muslim men cannot control their hands nor their libidos?

Down with Silence: Help fight against rape and molestation

The best solution to this is to expose these men and as a follow-up, educate them.

These minority of men have been encouraged partly because women have not been speaking up. You have been silent all your life. Do not feel sorry for them because any man who thinks he can violate a woman should be ready to handle the consequences.

The Islamic law of punishing extreme cases of theft and murder is basically to set an example so that others are fearful of committing the same mistakes.

We need stories and accounts...we need suggestions from sisters on how to solve this problem....a public discussion will act as a warning to erring brothers and as encouragement to sisters who have been silent.

This section will include accounts of being raped or molested. I invite sisters, young and old to send in their contributions using this form (no need to use your e-mail).

Please take note that while our target group constitutes Muslim men/perpetrators, you are welcome to submit stories of such experiences with Non-Muslims as well. The solution is the same. Inshallah, by being more vocal about it, our otherwise peaceful and loving community will be totally rid of such people.

I pray that we are on the right path and that Allah helps our cause.

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