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Submitted: 9th Feb 2000

Salaam aleykum,

Perhaps brothers should remember this hadith of the Prophet (saws) from Abu Dawud #4366 Narrated by Wa'il ibn Hujr

When a woman went out in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for prayer, a man attacked her and overpowered (raped) her.  She shouted and he went off, and when a man came by, she said:  That (man) did such and such to me.

And when a company of the Emigrants came by, she said: That man did such and such to me. They went and seized the man whom they thought had had intercourse  with her and brought him to her.

She said: Yes, this is he.

Then they brought him to the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him).  When he (the Prophet) was about to pass sentence, the man who (actually) had assaulted her stood up and said: Apostle of Allah, I am the man who did it to her.

He (the Prophet) said to her: Go away, for Allah has forgiven you [I presume for the false accusation].

But he told the man some good words (Abu Daud said: meaning the man who was seized), and of the man who had had intercourse with her, he said: Stone him to death.

Notice that four witnesses are not necessary and that there it was not deemed relevant whether the man was married or not to be stoned.

Yikes! Astaghfirullah! May the brothers think about what ALLAH (swt) will do to them if that is the earthly punishment.

Brother Tarik

Submitted: 9th Feb 2000

Your intentions are very good but why don't we approach it in a positive manner...why not change your website to say "MUSLIM WOMEN EFFECTED THRU SEXUAL HARASSEMENT" and this case you will be targetting all Muslim women effected by muslims and non-muslims. Also you will have effective contribution by the true Brothers.

At present, Muslims both male & female are in disgrace due their behaviour and their deviation from Islam. We are indeed lost...I pray that ALLAH SUBAHANATALAH show mercy on our souls. Amen.


(in light of this suggestion and others from a sister, I have changed the title)

Submitted: 9th Feb 2000

Assalamu Alaikum all...

It really saddened me that some muslim women are molested and raped by muslim men, who are supposed to be like brothers and take care of them.

This issue must be addressed. I am really surprised to see some brothers saying to stop it as it potrays Islam in negative way. Is it so???

If they have thought it clearly I think they could have understood that it has nothing to do with Islam but actions of some Muslims...whose activities will be ultimately potrayed as the real side of Islam my anti-islamic medias.

How can we call others to Islam..when we ourselves have problems which are totaly unislamic???


Submitted: 8th Feb. 2000

This site has nothing to do with Muslim Men but it has something to do with precaution for Muslim Women...

First foremost how do you know that the Man involved is a muslim??? Isn't there are a hadith or Quote from the Quran that says that "Muslim (Beleiving) Women should have a guardian during her travel"...so if ever the women are molested that is because they have violated the fundamentals of Islam and encouraged the men.

Mohd Ali Jinnah

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Submitted: 8th Feb. 2000

This site is disgusting...Alhamdulillah, our women have a very low rate on harassment because they can take upto 4 wives...This is a problem among the Non-Muslim which is rampant not among Muslims.

Please sister, do not create negative sites on Muslims.We have the Media WHICH IS ENOUGH from BBC to WASHINGTON POST.

In Islam the communities should deal in such matter and we can discuss these in forums but not display a site which reflects in a negative manner.

May ALLAH guide you.


(some sisters have replied to this at the Sister's section)

Submitted: 8th Feb. 2000

I am a sister but I just wanted to relate something a male member of my family once said to me. I think alot of women have heard this before.

I was stalked on the way home one day. It was broad daylight and a man followed me home from the bus depot, he squeezed thru and sat right opposite me on the bus...he alighted at the same bus stop as me...once we neared our condominium estate, he tried to talk to me but I managed the scare him off.

I came home, very disturbed and told a male member of my family. After long analysis, he came to the conclusion that I had invited the whole thing. Why? Because I should have moved away when the guy sat in front of me.

How can I do that? How was I supposed to know a stranger on the bus would stalk me? It has never happened before and I have been travelling on public transport all my life. How can I suddenly be blamed for having invited something like this?

How will male members protect their sisters, cousins, mothers and wives if they cannot get past this mindblock that just because a woman has been harrassed, does not mean she invited it.


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