Survival of the Fittest
By Yahiya Emerick
Picture this: Social order breaks down in America. The economy grinds to a halt. Masses of hungry people are on the move. Militias and local war lords rule over many towns and fight for turf in the cities. Racially-based gangs attack other races and everything descends into general mayhem. The government collapses, the military crumbles as soldiers desert and weapons are stolen by the truckload or sold for food and gold. The nation is in chaos.

Does it sound far-fetched? Will it never happen here? Hey, it's happened sooner or later to every society that ever existed on earth. What makes you think that the present is any different from anybody else's present? All the initial strains of civilizational breakdown are apparent: a loss of ethics in the general population, a rise in corruption, decay of the family structure, a flood of litigation and the fragmentation of society along ethnic and racial lines. It might take another twenty or thirty or hundred years, but chaos is bound to happen sooner or later. Even Allah said He gives nations their varying fortunes by turns and that civilizations rise and fall.

What Bosnian ten years ago would have envisioned the holocaust of 1991-1993? What Russian in 1930 could have imagined 30 million being killed by starvation in the midst of the country's bread basket? What Muslim or Hindu Indian in 1940 could have imagined all the bloodshed which was to come in less than ten years? Who can predict when nuclear bombs will fly today?

The point I want to make with this article is not to make you afraid of a future gloom and doom. No one wants to think that their fairy-tale life will ever end or be destroyed. Even though many of us personally know of people who were refugees at one point in their life or another, few of us ever imagine those conditions could ever happen to us.

The simple question I want to raise is this: If social order did break down- on a massive scale- and the country became ungovernable in the real sense, what would you do? How would you survive and protect your family?

I can tell you what others would do. People would first divide themselves according to race. You would have White, Black, Jewish and Hispanic militias (which are training even as we speak). You would even have Asian militias based on narrow ethnic factors. (How many of you remember the TV footage during the LA Riots a few years back when the Koreans were shown on their store roof-tops with machine guns and other hi-tech weaponry? Where and how did they get that stuff and why were they so prepared? You have to admire fore-sight.)

In our future of social chaos everyone would gather around their own armed "team." Certain urban areas would become racial war-zones overnight. Tolerance would be the first thing to die. Large blocks of the country would be filled with marauding gangs and violence would be everywhere. (After seeing most of today's aimless and wild young adults, would you trust them with acting responsibility when social controls are weakened?)

The second layer of division among people would be according to ideology. Ultra right-wing fundamentalist Christians would go on a new crusade and revive all the blood-shed that Christian history is famous for. (Witch-trials and inquisitions anyone?) Jews would revive all their Zionist rhetoric and nationalistic or regional groups would battle it out.

But what about you? What would you do? Where would you go? What would be your "team?" If you happen to be a Black Muslim, would you side with "your people" based on a racial preference? If you're a White Muslim, would you go incognito and hide among some white grouping? If you were a light-skinned Arab would you do the same?

What if you were from a less-prevalent ethnic group in America, say Bengali or Indonesian or Pakistani? What would you do? Would you go to the local Hindu Temple for support. They're Sub-continental people after all. Be sure that they would waste no time in killing you and you know it. If you remove the veneer of social control and order you'd be surprised what neighbors would do to neighbors! (Innocent Muslims are already murdered by Hindu Mobs every week in one part of India or another. Why not in America?)

If you stayed in your home while rioters were ransacking the neighborhood, you would be finished in a minute. You would have to come out of your house, but where would you escape to and who would be your support?

I want you to think hard about what you would do in an emergency situation because your answer will reveal a lot about yourself and your relationship to Islam and other Muslims. Think about it: would your first inclination be to hide among non-Muslims and hope to go unnoticed, or would you strike out on your own or maybe even think to go to the Masjid and get organized with other Muslims? Or did that last thought not really enter your mind?

Let's analyze the situation. Most Muslims, first of all, live far away from any Masjid. It just wouldn't be practical to go through hostile territory for an uncertain goal. Masjids will be the first buildings to get torched in this "multi-cultural and tolerant" non-Muslim country. But let's say you tried anyway and made it, what would you do once you got to the Masjid, assuming you were close enough to make it there and it was defended enough to still be standing? Who would be the leader? Who would take charge and organize the believers? (More than likely the Muslims there will divide into factions and fight among themselves! This is the modern "Muslim" way!)

If your Masjid is like most, the "Imam" was "hired" by a "Board of Directors" to teach Arabic classes, lead the Salah and teach in the Sunday school. Today's "Imams" are not Imams by the standard Islamic definition. No one elects them. No one confirms them. No one listens to them. No one gives their Ba'yah, or pledge to them, and usually no one knows much about them beyond a few public functions. Many "Imams" are nothing more than paid "prayer-leaders." Maybe that's why so few Masjid "Imams" are respected in their local communities. We don't even follow Islamic leadership and community principles in our local organizations!

So if the Imam option is out in most Masjids, who else has the backing and authority to step forward and lead the Muslims in their time of greatest need? How about the president or vice-president of the center? The first question some people would ask would be: :Why them?" What are their qualifications for leadership? All they did was put up a lot of money to build the center, and then placed themselves in the leadership position simply because they built, control and operate the Masjid as a private, non-profit business. We might as well make Bill Gates our leader.

Based on what I've seen of such "Directors," who often live in mansions, drive expensive cars and flaunt their wealth shamelessly, I rather think most of them will try hiding among the non-Muslims for safety; maybe trying to purchase influence among them. But with all social controls loosened, the non-Muslims will simply take their wealth and do away with the annoying and sniveling owners of it.

But let's just say that in a particular Masjid, the people there decide to make their "Imam," "President" or "Chairman of the Board" their authority figure, then what? Is the Masjid built like a fortress? Is it easy to defend? How many women and children can you fit inside? Are there medical supplies and stock-piled water and food for emergencies? Have specific people been trained to handle a crisis situation? Are there facilities for a large crowd? Does anyone know how to use a weapon? Does anyone even own one? (Kebab skewers don't count!)

The women are tired, the babies are crying and the neighborhood around the Masjid is filled with hostile non-Muslims. (That's because Muslims never really bothered to live near the Masjid in great numbers to begin with!) There's no food, the water faucet is dry, there's no blankets, medicine, electricity or hope.

Then you find out that a Christian militia is on its way with machine guns, fire-bombs, grenades and a burning hatred of Muslims. Hey, they're only following the teachings of Pat Robertson, their new supreme commander, who has publicly called for the elimination of Muslims from America, by any means necessary.

Based on what I've seen in my travels around Muslim America, I have the feeling that most Masjids would be wiped out in a day and that the majority of Muslims would be in the middle of the hungry, unorganized masses that will be at the mercy of the organized racial and ideological militias that will rule their own small kingdoms. (Already Muslims make up the majority of the world's starving refugees, even as "Muslim" countries control almost half the world's resources!)

Am I writing this article to make you depressed? No, absolutely not. I want change. That's what I want, and the best way to get people to start thinking clearly is to shake them up. Why did the Blessed Prophet encourage martial arts types of sports? Why did Allah tell us in the Qur'an to stand like a brick wall together? Why did Allah tell us to have power that would make the unbelievers afraid of attacking us? So that a Muslim community that would serve Allah would always remain on earth!

Islam is wiped out in most of the Muslim world. You and I know it's true even if we are reluctant to admit it. (A large "Muslim" population by no means has any relationship to Islam existing in a place.) The best hope for the light of Islam to grow in this century is in America and the West. Have we prepared ourselves for own defense here if we should ever need it?

Even though this isn't necessarily the best solution, I have to mention that we don't even have a "Grand Mufti" type of religious leader like they do in other parts of the world: a person who is considered a national spokesperson and who Muslims can look to for unity. Sure, we have a lot of racially-based national leaders, but no one single authority who can provide some sort of symbolic unity. (If we did, in this climate he would probably live in a mansion also. Alas for Islamic simplicity!)

The Ottoman "Khalifas" were mostly unIslamic in their lifestyles and actions, but at least they were a figurehead of unity. Think of the schizophrenia and stress Muslims have had for the last 70 years due to our lacking even a symbolic center. We don't have an Islamic "core-state" or land ruled by Islamic principles exclusively. If you say, "Well what about Iran or Sudan or wherever," I'll just ask what kind of government is in those countries? European-style parliaments that are riddled with corruption anyway! (And the last time I read, Iranian youth are crying for MTV and the Sudan is ruled by a military dictator.)

Okay, I've outlined the problem: Muslims in the West, and in America in particular, are unprepared for anything even related to self-defense, organization, unified leadership, direction- you name it. So what can be done about it? I tell you what: having another convention isn't going to help anything in this regard. (It also won't help if a few nutty radicals start running around crying Jihad and death to America!)

We have to use our heads and proceed in an organized and legal way. As citizens of America we have a right to be protected by the country we pay taxes in. If that country falls apart and can no longer protect us, then we have a right to be prepared for our own self-defense. So don't feel shy or afraid of appearing "militant" just because of a desire for legitimate self-defense. No, I'm not saying let's make a Muslim "Militia." I'm saying let's not let ourselves ever be caught off guard like Muslims in other countries always are. (Think of the majority of the world's refugees again.)

I've developed a six point program that, if followed, will make Muslims better prepared for any social/political disasters that may befall our nation of residence. If America "falls" it won't be because of us, mind you. Muslims couldn't fight there way of a paper bag for the sake of Islam. It will be because of irresistible tensions on the economic, racial, social and moral fronts.

The first step is in Awareness. Every Muslim must become aware of the fact that unbelievers will attack us in one way or another no matter where we are in the world. We're the only ones who talk about modesty, morality and sincerity anymore so the "Christians" and "Jews" as well as "secular Muslims" are particularly angry at us. We must expect to have to defend ourselves. That is the attitude the earliest Muslims had and it helped them to remain vigilant and prepared for any unforeseen eventualities.

The second step is in Community Organization. Muslim adults must purchase their homes within walking distance of a Masjid. Muslim children must be sent to either a full-time Muslim school or at least a Sunday school at all costs. Muslim adults, male and female, must form local Muslim Associations which will carry out a variety of social and community functions.

It must not be separated into a "men's" group and a "women's" group, but must be unified.

Women must be apportioned at least one third of any and all offices associated with this structure and an elected leader, or Amir, will be chosen in every community from the members. This can all be done independent of the local Masjid, if you find your Masjid is dominated by small-minded hypocrites who seek to dominate everything. Qualifications for office will be based on the principle that no one can ask for it and all votes will be secret ballot. Terms of office can be fixed at one or more years, not to exceed five. (We don't want to start for dynasties now.)

The third step is in Preparation. All Muslim parents must enroll their children, both boys and girls, in some type of classes teaching martial sports. Karate, Kung-Fu, sharp-shooting, archery, wrestling, Judo, horseback riding and swimming to name a few. All Muslim adults will be required to take classes, from time to time, that teach CPR, fire-fighting, sharp-shooting, etc... Finally, the community leaders will formulate and upgrade when necessary, a plan of action should a crisis situation occur. The community will be briefed on this plan and their input will be sought for improvement.

The fourth step is in Practice. At least three times a year, the Muslim Community Association of (town X, Y or Z) will organize camping trips, back-packing trips and other outdoors related activities so people can become familiar with "roughing it." A Muslim Scouts club can be formed to teach the youth these skills year round. The community should plan one day out of the year for a crisis drill in which everyone will pretend they have to flee to the Masjid and then they will go there with their families. Lists of what to bring will be given to each family. Afterwards, as a reward for the drill, (and an incentive,) everyone can have a big party afterwards.

The fifth step is in Stockpiling. There must be a store of supplies kept at all times which can be used in cases of emergencies. Selected families near the Masjid will agree to maintain supplies in their home at all times and to update them and rotate them as necessary. If you have the cooperation of a local Masjid, then a stockpile can be maintained there also. Supplies will include: food, water, medicine, camping supplies, clothes, batteries etc...

Every Muslim household should have at least one serviceable weapon (licensed, of course) and permits can be obtained without much difficulty in most locales. Almost every non-Muslim in America either owns a gun or has easy access to them. We can arm ourselves also, as per the right given in the second amendment of the constitution.

The sixth and final step is in Realism. We must accept that danger could occur at any moment. Non-Muslims, even your nice neighbors next door, will turn on you and destroy you in a minute if the opportunity presented itself. Serbs and Croats in Bosnia raped the daughters of their long time Muslim friends and neighbors. Muslims in India are hacked to death by their friendly Hindu neighbors and incidents of hatred and bigotry are carried out against Muslims everyday in small-town America, Canada and Europe. Your neighbor will probably kill you if the right circumstances came up. Ask a Bosnian or German Jew who survived their respective Holocausts.

We don't need to be fearful, however, but emboldened. Muslims were not made to be subjugated and cowered. Muslims were made to be strong and to rule, or at least to work at being the rulers. This is our calling and when the safety net of the American government is taken away from us, we had better be ready to look after ourselves and to make progress towards our goals.

Only that way will there be someone left to worship Allah. Think about it and do something with foresight for once, rather than reacting to events like we always do.

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